Yuu and I

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Yuu Mulan
- 7/1/2021 9:27pm

Forgot my password so had to change everything.

- 7/1/2021 9:31pm

Oh, hey same thing happend to me. We happened to meet at the same time. What a coincidence! So is Yuu a female name Japanese or Chinese?

Yuu Mulan
- 7/1/2021 9:33pm

So I did further investigation on this site and found a story called Yuu and I? Yes I am Chinese as you can tell by my name. And yes I am female.

- 7/1/2021 9:38pm

So where are you from? I'm into oriental culture.

Yuu Mulan
- 7/1/2021 9:41pm

I'm from America and Oriental culture is just like any other culture. I don't see any superiority. But I just can't keep up the Chinese culture in China.

- 7/1/2021 9:45pm

well make your self home im from America too.

Yuu Mulan
- 7/1/2021 10:02pm

I wanted to teach psychic abilities and ended up finding this site.

- 7/1/2021 10:04pm

I ended up in this site because im in search for super powers hahaahahh i'm a comic freek arn't I?

Yuu Mulan
- 7/1/2021 10:11pm

Sure are. I like people who makes me laugh.

- 7/3/2021 4:48pm

Yo, Zack I know that girl she lives in our neighborhood she's supposed to be the queen of divination I suppose but I don't believe in divination it doesn't support scientific facts. If I be you I'd be careful.

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