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Terra Diggs
- 5/23/2022 3:51pm

Entry 1#
'Ello readers,
the nice mute front desk lady said that keeping a public journal would get me extra credit and given the amount of telepathic and empathic people running around I figured that this wouldn't really be spilling any beans that weren't already spilled so to speak so here we are. I've been here about a week and I still get lost... on?/in?/around?/through? campus. I guess non-euclidean geometry does that to you if you aren't careful. Also on my way to class the other day, well was pretty lost, but someone told me my aura was square. I thanked them but I don't think it was a complement.
That's all for today y'all, cya!

Terra Diggs
- 5/25/2022 10:38pm

Entry #2
Sorry for the poor formatting and planning on the last entry and I think I may have been a bit out of it from a "reality dilation" whatever that is. Any-who, to stop that from happening again I have been keeping a bullet point list of what I wanted to write about.
-The student in the room next to me has been either sleep talking or whispering at all hours and I'm beginning to worry. I won't post their name on here for privacy reasons but we got here at about the same time I think? I'm going to message them, I haven't seen them leave their room in like a day and a half. I should bring them something to eat.
-I've had at least two other people tell me I had a square aura! What on earth (Am I on earth?) does that mean?!
-I thought I saw a ghost but that might be, like, a normal thing here.
That's all for now, cya!

Terra Diggs
- 5/26/2022 9:08pm

Entry #3
Today I walked all the way across campus that may not sound like a lot but given my aptitude for getting lost and the exotic geometry of this place it was a wonder that i made it back to my computer at all. Here's the highlight reel:
-I walked into a courtyard, big mistake, bigger frog... thing? It was pretty cute though.
-I ran back inside after trying to befriend the frog thing went south and it some how followed me in.
-I ran face first into what should have been a wall but somehow fell though it and ended up in a dark hall that didn't look very used probably somewhere beneath the first floor.
-I threw up in a trash can because getting flung through a wall has that effect on a person.
-I rode the elevator at the end of the hallway up...
-After I got out a person said my aura was square and the other students around them just nodded and murmured in agreement. (WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN??)
-I ate a sandwich I packed after finding a nice spot to take a break.
I should speed this up.
-Saw another ghost. Probably normal.
-Was belittled by some kind of magic trophy.
-Had a long discussion with Dr. Cornelia the therapist/therapy dog.
-Tried to head back to my room, got lost.
-Decided just to dig a tunnel back to the dorms after I saw a mean looking bird.
-The tunnel was way faster but now I need a bath... eughh...
Okay! That's all for this entry! Cya!

Terra Diggs
- 5/27/2022 7:27pm

Entry #4
Today has been pretty chill compared to yesterday I just spent some time with Rice and now I'm in the library. Here are some of the highlights.
-After I slept in a long time I went next door to see Rice and we talked for a bit, well, I did most of the talking but Rice seemed to enjoy themselves.
-Eventually I left and went to my room to pack a bag to go to the library to do some digging on geology and caves because that's always been kinda my thing.
-I got lost almost immediately. You can see the library from the dorms.
-I somehow ended up in a gymnasium and I got hit in the head with a basketball.
-Upon further inspection the gym was empty. (WHO? WHY? GHOST?)
-After fifteen minutes of scouring the gym I remembered I was going to the library.
-After going back outside I just decided to dig a tunnel to the library, arriving at the doors within a few minutes.
-I found a few books (and missing persons reports) about the caverns beneath the school and I also read about a few psychic/mystical crystals but you're not here for a geology lesson.
-I decided to go back to my room only to realize I was lost.
-Eventually a librarian took pity on me after I aimlessly wandered for about five hours.
-I tunneled my way back to my room which is mercifully on the ground floor and after prying up a few floor boards I was in.
That's all for today! Cya!

Terra Diggs
- 5/28/2022 10:36pm

Entry #5
After digging a bit deeper into my geology and pedology (the study of dirt) research I have made a... concerning... discovery. It all started when I bought an All-In-One Soil Science Kit from one of the shops here. It was old, at least fifty years old by the look of it, and I think it had been returned once because the box was re-taped and bulging slightly at the sides. I took it back to my room only to find, among the expected soil science equipment and chemicals, a device resembling a Geiger counter that looked like it was from a different kit. To skip to the ending, about 75% of the dirt is almost normal, albeit with a kind of radiation called a "Shnorpus ray" according to the Geiger counter thing in what would be fatal amounts if it where Ionizing radiation but that's not what I'm worried about, I'm worried about the other 25%. It's just ground-up khaki pants! I even found some buttons and zippers! Where did all these pants come from? How long have they been here? Who decided that they had to die? Why kill a khaki? Are my digging pants next?!? I would usually make the trip to meet with a teacher or something but I don't want to be irradiated digging a tunnel so I'll have to walk and inevitably... get very very lost. I have begun to pack a bag. I have a weeks worth of rations, twenty meters of climbing rope, a small tent, a first aid kit, and a variety of other camping gear. Oh also my trusty long-sword, Corn Dog. I plan to leave at dawn. Wish me luck, I'll give a report on my journey tomorrow. Goodbye for now. -Diggs

Terra Diggs
- 5/30/2022 10:13pm

Entry #6
Sorry for missing a day, my laptop was destroyed, I'll get to how later. I'm writing this from some kind of abandon computer lab somewhere at the very least near the high but I have no idea where really. I've already gotten my tent set up and I'm already done traveling for today, anyhow, here's what happened.
-I started heading towards where I thought I could find a school official but nearly instantly I got lost.
-A few people told me my aura was square again but that's barely worth mentioning at this point.
-After a bit of walking I realized that this barely even looked like the high anymore, the walls were textured in strange ways and the floor was an ornate tile mosaic full of color showing what I think to have been the history of an ancient civilization.
-I turned around to go back to somewhere I could hopefully navigate from but there was some kind of mosaic golem thing? Bits of clay covered in ceramic tile with small loose tiles floating around the golem's featureless face mimicking a halo. I thought maybe this was also normal here so I tried to be polite and greet it but it only began to lope towards me slowly at first then quicker and quicker while making a hollow growling sound.
-I ran.
-The golem flung portions of clay covered in tiles from it's body hitting my bag and breaking some of my more fragile things, namely, as I later found out, my laptop.
-It was gaining on me and and the hall was empty and far far too long. So, I knew I would have to fight the ceramic monstrosity. I drew my long sword, Corn Dog, and turned to fight. The golem swung one of it's hulking arms at me, I dodged to the left, swinging down with Corn Dog nearly cutting off the arm. While I was trying to pull my sword out of the golem's now slack arm it hit me with it's free arm on the side, I think it cracked a rib or two, with the surge of pain coursing through my body I pulled Corn Dog loose from the arm and swung at the golem's head cleaving it off. -The golem fell limp, so did I.

Terra Diggs
- 5/31/2022 8:50pm

Entry #7
It cut off the end of my last entry, probably the old hardware or something. Sorry about that. So like umm, I kind of blundered my way into a computer lab after being briefly... trapped within my own memories, literally? I think I can get lost.. better now? It's weird. I can sorta choose the place I end up, eventually... sorta...
Lemme summarize:
-I kind of wandered into then though memories for a day.
-Escaped from them by getting more lost?
-It was weird.
-Slept in a computer lab.
-I decided to try to head back to my room and well, I'm still trying to do that.
-I keep trying to get lost and hopefully end up in the right place but it's not working.
-I'm actually back in the same computer lab as last night and I think I'm going to try to wander back to the dorms over the course of the night.
-I think I've got this down, it's about feeling, not logic, not for me at least.
That's all for today, sorry this is a bit of a short entry, I think I need a day to gather my thoughts better. I'll explain all this better tomorrow but I've got a long night ahead of me. Cya

Terra Diggs
- 6/1/2022 10:08pm

Entry #8
It took me a while for find a new computer to post with but I finally got one second hand from one of the shops at the high but I think it might be haunted. The fan, if I listen really closely, sounds like someone reading a fan fiction of, I think, Percy Jackson but like, for some reason all these other characters keep showing up like Hatsune Miku and Kermit. It's pretty good though. Anyways. I got back to my room at about 2:00am last night. Not as bad as I was expecting honestly, I was worried I'd get stuck in a wall or something but my wandering was pretty uneventful. After sleeping, I chatted with @Rice Sommers for a bit and then I just wandered around, trying to get better at ending up where I want. I think I got it down now. I can basically end up where I want about half the time so that's nice. I think I'm just going to rest in my room for a bit though, it's been a long couple of days.

Terra Diggs
- 6/7/2022 2:40pm

Entry #9
Sorry I've been gone for a bit, to be honest I've just been spending the past few days just reading. I guess I can get pretty into that if I'm not careful because I completely forgot to keep this updated. I didn't really have much to write about though. I ran into Dr. Cornelia in one of the shops near my dorm and we chatted for a bit and she suggested I join the New Student Committee. I don't have a lot else going on so, I think I'm going to become a member, it'll be fun to meet some new people.
That's all for today! Sorry again for disappearing! Cya!

Terra Diggs
- 6/8/2022 9:36pm

Entry #10
I had a really good day today!
Last night we held a little board game night in the new student lounge! It was really fun! Besides that I've just been reading up on bees and rocks, so not exactly an adventure but I enjoyed it. Maybe I should try to do more adventure-y things so I have more to write cause that's really it for today. Well, I knocked on @Rice Sommers door to see if they'd want to talk for a bit, but it didn't seem like they were around. I bet they're just busy with their studies though. But that's really it for today so, umm,

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