The spirit stalker

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- 10/5/2022 8:56am

The spirit stalking is getting worse, usually most spirits are kind and (pun intended) light spirited while this one....this one is different, she doesn't stop following me even when I don't see her I know shes there. At first i thought maybe shes just shy but then while sleeping i can hear say that she needs my soul, but when i wake she nowhere to be found. I've decided to name her Mary short for maria because despite her scary attributes shes very beautiful and I always thought the name maria was pretty. I'll keep an update if she tries anything. Hopefully this doesn't get out of hand...

-Andi :)

- 10/6/2022 8:53am

Now she won't stop messing with my stuff, I'm losing my goddamn mind-
she feels more like a cat at this point like I can't even do homework without her knocking one of my relics or anything that's of importance. Despite her being like a thousand years old or whatever and me being...well lets not share that info just yet :)
but I do feel like the parental unit at this point. Good news though I've found a way to capture her although only for a couple of hours but with the help of a mirror I can have peace a quite without hearing constant threats on my life and surviving attempted murder...yet as annoying as it is its quite interesting, as I said in my previous entry most spirits aren't like this and if its a vengeful spirit then that's even more odd. Maybe i'll begin to study her instead of getting rid of her, perhaps I can make her an friend instead but only fate knows where this could be heading I'll post her next extreme action later

-Farewell for now,
Andi :)

- 10/6/2022 8:55am

Ahh one more thing...If she escapes without me knowing please infom me and I'm sorry for whatever chaos she does :(

-Andi :)

- 10/7/2022 10:49am she seems to like st@bbing things...
she st@Abbed my arm with pencil so I gave a bunch of random stuff that I don't need anymore, now I'm fine although she's been staring at me including right now as I write this.
She intrigues me more over her violent behavior, I mean I have no connection to this spirit and its been quite a long time since I met a violent spirit especially because my mother said that they vanished a long time ago after an oracle supposedly cleanse them and made them peaceful, of course now I rarely believe that since Mary is clear evidence that their still alive..sorta-
I've been trying to speak with her but it seems like she refuses.
I'm very concerned at this point because who knows if there are more like her...I'm hoping there isn't...

Farewell for now..

- 10/10/2022 10:56am

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