The Valentine's Heart Throb Dance

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- 2/12/2016 4:12pm

I was wondering if I could do a fireworks display for the dance I have a few artifacts that produce the coolest designs as well as a few spells that are sure to wow a good crowd

Big Jim
- 2/13/2016 2:24pm

Caution: Caretakers Overheating!

A note to students to give Mesmer Hall a wide berth today while we continue preparations for the Valentine's Heart Throb Dance tomorrow night.

The Caretakers -- students who have spent the last year in induced coma, helping to maintain the Heart of Psyhigh in a preconscious state -- have shown signs of over-heating in their stasis pods. This is not unusual in the lead-up to the invocation of the Heart, but we're having cryo technicians pump in fresh liquid nitrogen and adjust the heat exchangers.

So, please be cautious if you need to be in the vicinity of Mesmer Hall today, and don't trip over the LN2 feeding tubes.

Because of the delicate nature of the Caretakers, @patrick, I'm afraid we need to take it easy on the fireworks.

See you all tomorrow night!


Big Jim
Student Activities Coordinator
Class of '99

- 2/14/2016 2:00pm

Thank you so much @i am the champ for the information! No sooner had I arranged the livid violet wasps on my mailbox and I received a cordial (and I must say quite thought mesmerizing) invite to accompany a fellow student to the dance. The invitation was very static in message but the aura around it continued to change. It's something I'll treasure for a long time to come.

i am the champ
- 2/14/2016 2:45pm

The Valentine's Heart Throb Manifestation Experience Carnival is in full effect!

Join us outside of Mesmer Hall all afternoon as we celebrate the coming of the Heart of Psyhigh. There are sweets & treats, courtesy of the APSA, the "Get to Know You" snowall skate on the Ice Rink starts at 3, and we've got Psychic Dunk-a-Bum set up in the commons outside the hall. Use your telekinetic abilities to knock your favorite teacher into the Well of Souls (which we've reopened specially for this classic carnival game)!

Mesmer Hall will remain closed while the Caretakers are moved into their final alignment. around the stage where the Heart of Psyhigh will manifest. But we've got plenty of activities to keep you warm outside till those doors open for the dance.

Come down and join us!


The Champ
President of the Active Psychic Student Alliance (APSA)

Kate Bliss II
- 2/14/2016 4:50pm

A reminder for everybody to come out and catch my band, Power Value Stance, tonight at 8 for the big V-D dance! Debatable Teal opens, we're in the middle and Weird Owl rounds it all out before the Heart of Psyhigh Manifests at 10:17. Short sets - don't be late! And prepared to have your mind blown. For the past month, Tulka has been showing me the mysteries of chromatic resonance on his childirma, which I'm doing a pretty good job of on my electrified tambourine. I'd love for you to come hear it! xxx ooo

- 2/14/2016 8:11pm

Here I am, dressed to the nines with Omega, and the whole school is dancing to one beat. It's a phenomenon I haven't seen in a long time, everybody feeling the same rhythm, experiencing the same emotions, and seeing the same colors as everyone else. Usually I'm repelled to any Valentines Day festivities, but between the loud music and mysteriously glowing beverages, I'm starting to warm up to the holiday.
Oh, the heart is starting to beat faster, I can barely think, because the whole school seems to be falling in love with each other. It's an odd feeling, trying to express your own private emotions to someone while simultaneously wanting to kiss the girl sitting next to you... This is starting to get to me. I think it's time to step outside.
The outside decorations are beautiful. There is a lot less pink everywhere. We are sitting on the concrete bench under the willow tree, just talking, looking out at the black pond that reflects the dancing fireflies blending with the yellow starlight. The fireflies are a nice touch, I'd have to say, and Climate Control has done a great job getting rid of the snow.
In there, it's kind of chaotic, but we can barely hear the music of "Careless Whisper" emanating from the dance hall. I put my head on his chest and we rock back and forth. It's actually kind of nice to be separated like this, but still part of the community. Plus, I just remembered that chocolate goes on sale tomorrow, which is a nice thought.

Big Jim
- 2/14/2016 10:17pm

Welcome, everyone, to the Manifestation of the Heart of Psyhigh!

In just a few minutes, you'l all be treated to a life-changing event. The Heart of Psyhigh only becomes manifest once a year, because its brilliance is too much for anyone to bear for more than a few moments at a time. Instead, 9 stalwart students assume the role of Caretakers, and enter a deep hypnotic state for one year, sleeping and dreaming with the Heart, keeping it contained for the duration.

But tonight, at precisely 10:17, the Caretakers relinquish their hold and let the Heart burn bright. Undoubtedly many, if not all of us, will enter be filled with a deep sense of well-being and optimism. A state that you may have never known, unless you've witnessed the Heart before.

You'll be very disoriented as the Heart de-manifests, and the new Caretakers take the Heart back to its dreaming resting state. Please feel free to remain in the Hall as long as you need. You'll all be able to rely deeply upon one another after this experience.

And the countdown begins! 10, 9, 8, 7 ....

i am the champ
- 2/15/2016 1:03pm

Hey! So that was a great dance, wasn't it? And everything at the Heart Fesitval leading up to it. The APSA sold a TON of Kava-Yage Brainfreeeze Smoothies, @Missy Tengler's Fart Squad was sublime (I've never seen rainbows that high! And that trick with the megaphone and the glitter? Outstanding!), the Timberland Saw Orchestra was really something, and the of course the bands!

It's all kind of fuzzy what happened after the Heart came on stage. I just remember it must have been really great because I feel super! And the new Caretakers got picked, and everything's just peachy.

So, a big thanks to everybody from the ASPA! Let's make this the most Heart-filled year yet!


The Champ
President of the Active Psychic Student Alliance (APSA)

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