Lost Students

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Cassie Willingsbloom
- 11/8/2015 9:57pm

Math Jesus took us out for ice cream today.

Class was cancelled.

Today was a good day.

Cassie Willingsbloom
- 11/8/2015 10:03pm

Math Jesus is gone now.

I left him behind at my old school.

Who will teach me math now?

- 11/10/2015 10:53am

I'm new here

saige ara
- 11/10/2015 3:20pm

i am

- 11/10/2015 3:56pm

I'm new here... and I'm also terribly lost.

Big Jim
- 11/10/2015 11:05pm

Attention all lost students!

Hello, lost students. Do not be afraid. Listen to the sound of my voice and follow it. Walk slowly, so you don't stumble on anything. Like that accordion. Whoops! You might need to shuffle carefully because I think it's kind of a mess in there. And dark.

You're in a sort of cabinet, or tall clothes closet that stands on its own, and we're right outside saying this through the crack in the doors, on the other side. Just keep moving towards the sound of my voice -- and quickly! The Movers are coming and they are very intent about taking this particular piece of furniture away as soon as they get here, and I wouldn't want you to emerge in some creepy thrift store in a bleak dimension.

So come on @Zoe! You can do it! @saige ara - you are emerging! @jgc412 and @Rogue - the memory loss will be short-lived. @Cassie Willingsbloom will be your guide.


Big Jim
Student Activities Coordinator
Class of '99

- 11/10/2015 11:18pm

Ah! Thank you for clearing up the situation Big Jim! It's quite dark in here, and geez what is that smell?

- 11/10/2015 11:27pm

It's smelly, dusty and dark here. @Big Jim , how do you want us to help you?

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