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Morgan the Horse Boy
- 6/2/2015 9:27pm

Howdy, partners! My horse bros and I are reeeeel excited about the end of the school year comin' up, and we'll be hog tied if we're not gonna celebrate it in style! Gonna put on a barn rasin'! Raise the roof!

Now, we're fixin' to have a blowout just like we would have back in the old country - the Unified Horse Empire, that is. Now, naturally, not all the festivities are quite suited to you folks here at Psyhigh, the biggest reason being you're not all half horse! Back in the ol' UHE, of course, everything's built for us and our big four legs (not to mention big FORE-legs, get it?! yeee-haw!!!), hooves, and generally big, strong, sweaty, muscly backs and buttocks. For instance our cars are MUCH bigger in order to accommodate all that rump! 'Course we got a pair o' arms and a chest and head just like you (well, not quite the chest I see on some of you fillies!) so we can still, you know, operate machinery, or scratch and DJ, make sushi, all that stuff.

But what was I sayin? OH YEAH! YIP! YAW! Git' along my little two legged dogies, and find the trail down to the riverbank this Saturday and join me and my horse bros Mannix, Mike, Morgie, Matt, Jessie, and Allison, and we'll have it all set up for beach volleyball, steeplechase, horseshoes, and plenty of carrots and sugar cubes for all.

Just tell 'em MOrgan the Horse Boy sent ya!

YAW! Git!

- 6/6/2015 5:30am

A female bull with horns.

Morgan the Horse Boy
- 6/6/2015 11:21am

You betcha, @Thomas, a bull with horns of the lady persuasion would be more than welcome at our little shindig down by the river. If she identifies as a "bull," we're happy to refer to her as such. Heck, I've got my horse "bros" which includes both fillies and colts, studs and mares, but we're not particular on who wears the chaps and what they wear under them. Naturally I mean that metaphorically as we do not wear pants on our horse parts! But you get the idea.

So bring her on down to the riverside! Oh, er, if her name is @Thomas, than you yourself are welcome too! As well as all the students from Psyhigh - we just want to provide everyone the same hospitality we're used to offering anybody back in the the good ol' Unified Horse Empire.

We're just getting the the tents set up, and the beach volleyball net, and we've got big bowls of fresh green hay, grains, apples, carrots, and sugar cubes all set up on the picnic tables. It's gonna be a scorcher, I hear, so bring your swimsuits and we'll splash around in the river too!


Morgan the Horse Boy
- 6/7/2015 10:58pm

Well boy howdy, was that a heckuva shindig or what? YEE HAW!!

My bros and I only got in from our little stampede a bit ago, and I'd like to thank everybody for picking up the picnic site in our absence. We really did turn it into a rager just like back in the UHE. We didn't plan to, really! But when American Pharoah won the the Belmont Stakes (and thusly the Triple Crown) what was a good ol' herd of colts and fillies from the Unified Horse Empire supposed to do but kick up our heels and bust a move?!

Trouble is, once you start up a stampede like that it's hard to stop. The old prehistoric horse cortex in our hindbrain starts actin' up and by golly does it have a will of its own. First it was all just a bit a fun, blastin' thru the sand at the beach, and then barreling through the woods and back to school, tearing up the grounds a bit around the dorms... and it sure seemed like a good idea at the time to head into town and start sharin' in the celebratin'.

Again, we'd like to apologize to the mayor and the city council, and thank the official ambassador from the Unified Horse Empire for putting in a word for us, and of course to the Dean of Students for meeting with the mayor and the city council and erasing our involvement from their minds. And we feel that the punishment they've decided upon is entirely deserved and we're happy to oblige.

But hoo-wee was that a race! Apparently things got a bit torn up back in the UHE too, but there it's all just par for the course. Naturally, after the racin', the eggheads back in the old country get to thinking about that Triple Crown blood, and if maybe that's somethin' folks should be thinking of back in the UHE. Noooooo! I can tell what you're thinking and it's not like that. It's all scientific like, with the test tubes and all.

Anyway, it was a HOOT seeing y'all at our party. Stay cool, and have a great summer!

Morgan the Horse Boy
- 6/20/2015 12:57pm

Well, me and my horse bros don't really know what to make of it, but we'll be headin' to the Topiary Rodeo tonight at 5pm. It's in the Bill Pickett Memorial Garden Arena and we'll likely be gallopin' around the gardens and havin' some grass down in that area beforehand.

Now we realize these ain't gonna be real horses in the rodeo but the topiary kind, all viney and thorny and whatnot - which let me tell you are a real far cry from the kind of sweaty, smelly equines my horse bros and I count as our distant ancestors, before we put the "U" in the Unified Horse Empire. This is some kinda city-slicker idea of what a rodeo is, made with their animate topiary creations. But we figure it'll be good for a hoot!

So come on down to the Pickett Garden tonight if you're not plannin' on any other shindigs and we'll all check it out together.

Git along lil' humans!


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