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1/31/2021 8:34pm

sometimes i wonder about the real meaning behind the people from my hometown. my mother told me to hush but they are quite friendly.

the other dimension was filled with little creatures, they had goats hooves with blue giant wings that allow them to fly. their faces were heavily disfigured, with a mix of blurred colors showing some sort of image that was there. i couldn't figure it out. anyhow, they spoke a mix of some sort of german. almost as if germans spoke with latin suffixes and Russian accents. strange.

They welcomed me with warm,,, arms? i don't know what those were. they took me to this wonderful fountain where I drank of liquid psilopsybin. i never really thought anything of it, but everything became mushroom shaped. they then tried to tie me down but, I spoke a word I heard a few minutes earlier and I was back in my bedroom.

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1/31/2021 8:27pm

hello! I recently was transferred here. this place seems strange but, my mother told me I belong here. last night I found my ragdoll with a bloody hatchet made of bird feathers. strange how she made that. anyway, hello!

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