Natasha Mann

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11/17/2020 7:27pm

I met @Kelvin Russell at the PHS Bus stop at midnight to pick up my red backpack. He was easy to spot because he's about 5'3 and has blue hair, and was carrying a red backpack. And he knew it was me because I'm about 5'3 and have blue hair, and did not have a red backpack.

But when I opened it to check on my stuff, it was somebody else's stuff entirely. So, not my red backpack.

Kelvin said he found it in the lost and found box on the PHS Bus, and since it was just pulling up I got on. There were 5 red backpacks in the box, but none of them were mine either.

So I looked at the kids on the bus. There are 27 kids who are about 5'3 with blue hair. 22 of them have red backpacks. The ones that don't have red backpacks are interspersed with all the other kids, and there's one left over seat. I can switch two at a time, and try to get each backpack to match a kid, but I can also swap someone who has a backpack with someone who doesn't. If I can do that successfully, then the one left over must be mine. Wish me luck!

11/11/2020 10:17pm

I took the PHS Bus downtown to protest because I heard they were slashing workers at the Handy Mart. That didn't seem fair. But then I left my red backpack on the bus, and I'm afraid to go to lost and found because if they look inside they'll find a bunch of Strange Patterns™spray paint and some other stuff.

So if somebody finds a red backpack on the PHS bus could you let me know? I am about 5'3 and I have blue hair.