Luna Spectralwraith

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6/3/2024 11:52pm

I don't think most people know what to do with two Spectralwraiths in their room, much less three. So I make all my first visits solo, and if it seems promising I'll see if I can schedule another Spectralwraith to come with me for the follow up. But there aren't really that many of us, and most wraiths are booked up for months in advance.

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4/6/2024 10:10pm

There used to be a law that you couldn't have more than two Spectralwraiths in your room at the same time but then they changed it to three.

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Who do you love?
2/11/2024 9:15pm

I would like to recognize all the Spectralwraiths that came before me: Archie, Deimos, Belinda, Galatea, Janus, Kale, Thebe, Rhea, Cordelia, Proteus, Elara, Bianca, and forgive me for anyone I may have missed!