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9/15/2020 2:58pm

I have already met a cute boy. He is in my Old Norse class. His name is Joey Quantum.
We went for a walk after class and he told me that his dad played in a folk band in the 60's called The Quantum Singers. I guess they had a hit song one time.

Anyway Joey and I were geeking out together about this old old show that our parents watched called Land of the Lost. I didn't think anyone else knew about this show!
Joey is an expert on the show and he even owns an original Land of the Lost lunchbox!
He says his dad met the creators of the show one time, and that apparently the Sleestaks were actually based on a for real race of beings who lived on earth billions of years ago. Joey wants to see if he can do his capstone project on Sleestak Cosmology.
He is a Junior so he has to start getting approval for it now.

I didn't know we could do our capstone projects on anything we wanted to. I thought we had to pick a specific department at PsyHi to get approval. Joey says if you write up a good proposal and you have a professor as your advisor they can usually approve it! I have been thinking about something related to my past and future lives but I don't know which professor to talk to about it.

Well I am excited that Joey is also gonna do the Fjord field trip! I can't believe it's only 2 weeks away. Professor Snori isn't sure if we will see any trolls or giants as it isn't the right season but I am excited anyway!

Bye for now, The Student Body is going to make an appearance today at dinner in the cafeteria so again, I don't want to be late!

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9/11/2020 10:57pm

I have to change my schedule again. I can't take Intro to Burn Magic because of the recent fires now, they canceled the class because of the dry air and high winds.

Old Norse 101 is at the same time as CryptoAnthropology and Time Trap Beginnings is at the same time as Newts and Toads: A Primer.
I guess I will choose Old Norse 101. We do get a fjord rafting trip on that one. You can also do the trip as part of PsyHi Outdoors next Spring term but I kinda wanna go in the fall.

I am late to the dining hall again as I try to get this sorted out. My aunts are insistent that I have my schedule finalized or they are going to pull my tuition.

I think I will also choose Time Trap Beginnings instead of Newts and Toads: A Primer as living with my aunts most of my life, it will feel kinda redundant. Oh no wait, it is required if you are going to choose your capstone on Psychic Earth.

I have a few years to decide my capstone project. I gotta run to the dining hall before they close, I am starving and I heard they are serving breakfast for dinner tonight and the Monte Cristo is to die for.

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