Floating Blanket

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1/18/2018 7:36pm

Hello there, floating blanket here.

It's been a quiet school year for me, slowly becoming almost ritualistic. I have been pondering about getting a part job for a while now which pushed me to apply to Luner's Pizzeria.

They took my application with glee as many people don't desire to work there due to the high amounts of rumors surrounding the place. However, when I showed up to the interview they were hesitant my cover would be set ablaze. I shyly pulled out my silver Zippo and lifted the corner of my sheet over the flame. It didn't even smoke.

I was hired.

I started my first day at 11:00 p.m. The workers there were far more talkative than myself but I felt at home. I put my hands to work skillfully patting out the dough and spreading the tomato around just right. It was perfectly circular and the manager stood by in awe. I didn't mention that I can pretty much replicate anything by hand.

I took one freshly baked pizza home to my dorm room happily after work. Pineapples, I know, how awful. I can tell some strange things do occur there, I eyed a rather peculiar looking clock that was hanging in the walk-in freezer. It had eyes you see, they followed me around halfheartedly. I was unnerved but more curious.

Anywho, I am now at home slowly finishing my homework. I arranged the atoms of the air into the memories from class by will. They swirled around in a pretty green color before finally coming together as a holographic image. I sometimes feel like a cheater, but this is me. This is what I do.

I mimic, I see and steal images to selfishly use for my own time. I remember painting a lovely couple I saw by the fountain in the middle of the school courtyard. I envied their love and recreated them in my own watercolor world. They hang inside my dorm room, hand and hand staring gleefully at one another.

Funny, I hope they never see it. I think I would be very creeped out indeed.

Well, I must head to bed. Homework took me a boggling two seconds than usual. I will head to sleep and write again soon.

Sincerely, F.B <3

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11/19/2017 8:23pm

I promise I ironed my frilly laced dress and ruffled my hair.

I swear my body is clean and tidy.

I can assure you my eyes are green as the ocean.

I know that all you can see is this silky blanket over my head, I look like a silly trick-or-treater wandering much too far from the Halloween party she was previously attending.

You may wonder why but I can calm your nerves in a few days.

Just let me seem to float through the hallways, my voice beaming gently from the muffling fabric. I am attending this lovely school due to the diversity beyond the norm is holds. My new teachers seem to pay no mind to the fact they can only see my pale hand gripping a pencil underneath my pale coral sheet. I am delighted to get to know all of you.

This is who I am, the floating blanket. You may call me F.B

I'll catch you later.

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