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Advanced Telekinesis Class
2/16/2021 11:23pm

Ok, so, those big noises you heard today? Like thunder? That was us! The Advanced TK study group!

First, we hiked up into the hills to a place with big rocks and boulders and do you know what? We lifted those rocks and boulders out of the earth and then dropped the right back down on the earth. BOOM! Then we lifted them off the ground and whirled them around and then smashed them into each other! CRASH!

It was loud. And do you know how we did it? Teamwork. There's no way any one of us could have lifted one of those rocks but, together, it's the easiest thing in the world.

We just have to hold hands.

@Buttermilk Alfredo wants to do more "in person learning" as he calls it tomorrow night, under the bridge. He thinks we can lift one of those big barges that are parked in the river there, but I think maybe this is getting out of control. But at the same time I totally want to see it.

Mostly I just want to tell my mom so she sees that Advanced TK really does teach you useful skills. Like... moving giant objects. But mostly the real lesson is just one word -- TEAMWORK.

Advanced Telekinesis Class
2/4/2021 8:37pm

My mom says that Advanced Telekinesis doesn't have any application in the real world, unless you want to join the circus or become a psychic assassin.

@Ms. Wissen can you tell me what kind of careers are available for students with an aptitude for telekinesis and where it will take us in life?

Asking for a friend.