How I found Psychic Highschool.

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Alex Perea-Angles
- 5/2/2021 2:36pm

My naughty pleasure is to think of nothing.
Not just think - give into the nothing.
Become a moment in time passing by like a wave.
Transmute into a glowing wave of consciousness.

Yeah. I know the void is a bad place to hang out at… but I keep my back towards its ever encroaching holocaust like a fire warming my ass.

Besides - what's better than that and a pair of binoculars?

You can see the the edges of the expansive desert that encompasses it - giving way to sinners and creators alike using their flow to ascend their beings to the astral realm. Yeah ~ you’ve seen Disney Pixar's Soul too- and if you haven’t I strongly recommend watching it. Still I wonder what it means to the imagination when you subject it to a lack of belief. I couldn’t imagine it’s a particularly transformative experience.

If you really have a good eye, you will be able to see a lot about large empty buildings. What we know is these spaces used to be occupied but no longer are. The empty spaces are where we create our memories. Consider the effort it takes to create something. This is the only limitation for reality.

Alex Perea-Angles
- 5/13/2021 7:42am

Hello fellow students and staff,

I am Alex, and I enjoy sightseeing. It doesn't matter if it is a great national monument, a random beautiful moment, an idea, energy, or even the promise of a crowded area. In fact, I enjoy looking in on experiences so much I tend to get lost often.

For example - I first came upon Psychic Highschool by accident. I was wandering around, looking at deconstructed models of various schools. I was pretty entertained with the concept of post modern high school culture when I bumped into a large sign which said "Psyhigh." Surprised the sign was physical, I followed the road down to the campus, rubbing my head to alleviate the bumping of it,. It was student/alumni day, which didn't surprise me because it was convenient for blending in, on campus. Convenient things tend to happen to me pretty often when I let chaos control the situation.

Anyways, I start up to the parts of campus less populated by crowds because I don't want to get caught up in an awkward conversation. I was completely intrigued by this place - there were things I had not quite seen before. It seemed like several layers of reality existed in one space, creating a layered multidimensional effect in my vision. In other layers of existence I could see that some of the people were not quite normal, some not even people. In fact, it looked as though there appeared to be a great grasp on their multiverse selves, using other portions of their time to multitask while doing what they did.

My first thought was, "Jeez, what a tough school. They expect you to multitask pretty much all the time." But I didn't spend too much time on them because I knew beings like that can sense when thoughts are pointed in their direction the same way I could tell someone was staring at me from behind my back. I looked behind me immediately. "AHH THE REALITY WALLS HAVE THINNED AGAIN" the stern voice said, and I saw that they were a shiny metallic robot who sounded surprisingly human.

Afraid I was caught, I decided to leave the campus before anyone else showed up. Nonetheless, I was intrigued that there were others like me and I came back several times before I decided to stroll into admissions and admit myself. This was apparently unusual. Since there are so few people who knew about the highschool, and being able to find it is a sign I am psychic, I was immediately accepted. It pays off to be randomly and chaotically lucky.

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