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Ava Elisabeth
- 8/17/2016 12:39pm

Dear diary ,

I have found the Amethyst Mines and the Sadie Hawkins is gone. But I have received information, of another stop, in one of the caves a messages was written out in stones.

"We are going to Monkey-Pig territory.
- P " the message said.

And luckily, I have connections with Monkey-Pigs.
You see, my mother was a biochemist and she was searching for a new species of mushroom ,that had healing capabilities. But instead she wandered into Monkey-Pig territory. And while they usually attack people and eat their hair , they befriended my mother due to the plethora of snacks she carried with her.

With @Miranda Ashdove 's demons , I am sure I will make it to territory in time. My only worry is that @Louis C. can't make it in time.

Ava Elisabeth
Zephyr Air Transport Inc.

Louis C.
- 8/18/2016 1:33pm

Did I mention I don't get along with demons? Well I definitely picked the wrong demon out house/bus stop to wait around in that's for sure.

I entered the little clap trap wooden shack and had a seat on the bench inside and looked through the magazines they had in there. Field & Scream, Popular Theurgy, Pentagrams and You, Eternity... I should have gotten the picture. Suddenly my stomach leapt almost out my mouth as the whole shack shot straight down like an elevator with a broken cable. Eventually it slowed down and eased me to a stop.

I cracked open the door and the heat, stink, flames, and acrid smoke were almost unbearable. Almost. Luckily I had my Mayan Mind Wrestling mask to put on which helps a little.

Since then, I've been wandering. Wandering past pits of screaming souls, crying out with unbearable pain each time they check their phones. Which is continually. Others are force fed energy drinks for hours, then made to program unprogrammable smart TVs. With no bathroom breaks. The list of horrors goes on and on.

Luckily, it must be the ferocious face printed on my Mayan Mind Wrestling mask, but the demons who run this place have let me be. I try and look busy, sorting through stacks of printed emails (written in Enochian) or picking up the dried bones and teeth that litter their offices.

I hope that @Ava Elisabeth made it ok. And it sure makes me wonder what @Miranda Ashdove sees in these people.

Miranda Ashdove
- 8/19/2016 3:49am

It seems @Louis C. is having some trouble. I've been doing my best to get the demons to leave him alone but sooner or later... Well, I'm going to try to get him out. I figured out he ended up in the underworld... Of the seven layers of despair, he thankfully only ended up on layer 1. I shouldn't have to much difficulty getting him out... I hope.
I will leave as soon as possible. Then maybe I can help find the airship and get him back safely.
As for your question, my grandfather is a demon (if you see him around say hi, he works in a red office building with skulls outside. He has brown horns and big wings with large claws. He's blind in one eye so he might have an eyepatch) so I get along with them well. They aren't all that bad.

Louis C.
- 8/21/2016 12:44am

Well I had a pretty close call waiting around for @Miranda Ashdove but luckily everything worked out. Kinda.

Even though I was wearing my Mayan Mind Wrestling mask, the demons started to get wise. I was looking busy pretending to file some of their printed-off emails when a few of the guys in the office started making fun of me. The main one was super big, like 8 feet tall, with one big eye and one big horn and three big arms. He looked like he hit the demon gym every night.

They started making fun of me, and I'm not sure why, because they looked pretty dorky themselves in their khakis and dress shirts. But I don't understand demon tongue and I don't understand demon culture anyway.

In any case I did find their remarks rather cutting because I flew into a rage and sure enough turned into my Chiye-Tanka form on the spot. Suddenly I found myself moaning in rage and batting my long furry arms around and kicking my long furry legs and I wrecked their demon office and stomped out of the place.

That felt really good. I was getting sick of that job.

However, when I'm in my Chiye-Tanka form and get in a rage, I get kind of emotional. So I ran and wandered and cried and I think I remember some purple crystal caves, and eventually ended up back above ground.

In New York City.

Hell's Kitchen, to be exact. They call it that because of the very pathway I traveled. I came out in the end of an alley and the demon guardian said "Have an egg!" and I said thank you and wandered into the city.

My Chiye-Tanka form hasn't worn off yet. So I've kept my Mayan Mind Wrestling mask on, because I figure a Big Foot walking around Manhattan in a wrestler's mask will freak people out less than if don't wear it.

When @Miranda Ashdove gets to Demon Land I hope she's not disappointed I'm not there. Maybe she can say hi to her relatives.

Miranda Ashdove
- 8/22/2016 1:14pm

I'm with my grandfather now. He says he saw some non-demon figure leave. I guess he got out alright. I'm fine with that because I'm having a great time here! The demons are super chill, and I'm spend the night with Granddad. Right now I'm writing by the fire (well, by the wall... and the floor... there's a lot of fire here) while granddad gets food from the bakery next door. I also have some fire cider. It's like normal cider but spicy and boiling hot. Tomorrow morning before I leave I'll go on a tour of the place for the memories. Home sweet home! (I was raised on Earth, sure, but I spent so much time with my granddad!)
See you soon!
-Mirana Ashdove

Louis C.
- 8/27/2016 1:54pm

It's been hot in NYC, though not as hot as the demon world at least. So I went in search of cooler and more livable climes. To the fair shores of Brooklyn.

My Chiye-Tanka form still hasn't worn off, so I'm extra hot with my body covered with long brown hair. Lots of panting. Also, my singular musky odor. I could tell it was getting to some people on the subway. But I'm still wearing my Mayan Wrestling Mask, so nobody freaks out about a Bigfoot in the subway station.

I'm still not ready to head back to Psyhigh. So embarrassing to have gotten lost during my airship internship. I am concerned about @Ava Elisabeth though. She's super capable, but it's a big world out there, and they don't take debit cards and the ATM fees are super high.

I lost my wallet back in the demon world when I transformed, so I've been picking up some money selling ice cream from a cart in Prospect Park. It's for a franchise called Murmur's, a Nfrem Holdings LLC company. I found it in the Arcane & Preternatural Want Ads. They were thrilled with my Chiye-Tanka condition and the mask, because they think it will drum up business. But, even on a good day, after I pay back for the stock sold and daily rent on the cart, I hardly make anything. But I sleep in the park at night, so at least rent is free. (I did take a look at the Eerie Airbnb, but it was definitely out of my range.)

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