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10/11/2017 10:00pm

The main problem back in the cave days was boredom. We slept, we hunted, we gathered fruits and berries. At night somebody would try and make up a story around the fire, but there was nothing to make stories about, because nothing had happened yet. We'd all gather in the cave and somebody would put up two fingers to make a shadow and say "Hey look! It's bunny!" and that was considered a really good story.

Then somebody would throw a rock at their head and they'd fall over. When they stood up and yelled back and made a fist, that was a shadow too and somebody would say "Hey look! It's a dinosaur!" and that would be the second story. The first story with two parts. I was there for that.

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10/7/2017 8:28pm

There's such an amazing amount of knowledge and wisdom at Psyhigh. So many teachers, all in one place! In the old days, nobody knew anything. We were just giving things their very first names ever.

"Hey! What's that?"
"That's a, a Frimangy!"
"And that?"
"That's a Klurm."
"You're just making this up."
"Yeah? So?"

And then we'd start hitting each other. We weren't good at expressing our feelings, because we didn't have words for them.

You've really done a really god job with the place, considering.

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Trans-Dimensional Shape Foam Beds
10/3/2017 10:36pm

For a while I was only comfortable sleeping in the closet. Though I've adapted pretty well to your modern, non-stone-age time, some old habits die hard, and sleeping in a dark, enclosed area like a closet was as close as I could get to my old comforting cave.

However! Even I'm not comfortable curling up next to that strange, flesh eating fruit creature that @Ava Elisabeth calls a pet. I've napped with mammoth and glyptodon and giant sloth, but never with intelligent carnivorous plant life. Guess the ice age kept the banana watermelon hybrids from getting up and walking around!

So, until such time as that @EmilyDH returns to claim it, I'm the proud resident of this high-tech space-age bed in Ava's room. It still feels rather exposed, like a Teratorn could just swoop down and carry me off at any minute! I'm sleeping with my spear.

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Feeding Saber-tooth Tigers
10/1/2017 8:53pm

Whoa! I picked up Spiffy from @Lucia Smith's Fae Fete and she was stuffed and happy on Fae Steak. She hadn't had a real meal since we got thawed, so it was v. nice to see her all dozy and purry again.

Back in the stone age, there were plenty of fairy folk and gnomes and kobolds running around, except they looked all different--it being back in the pre-mythology days. But even then, we knew that if you ate fairy food you might never come back! You'd end up in their spaceship or whatever.

Doesn't hold up for saber tooth tigers, though. They can eat whatever they want. Now Spiffy's all sleepy and curled up with me here in @Ava Elisabeth's closet. She even let me pick some bits of wing out of her teeth. So cute!!!! Thanks Lucia!

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Feeding Saber-tooth Tigers
9/29/2017 4:01pm

I LOVE your cafeteria! What a wonderful invention! I was getting SOOO tired of the whole Paleo thing. I mean, I might go back to it eventually, but I figure treating myself to the all-you-can-eat cake and gravy bar is an ok way to celebrate my unfreezing.

However, keeping Spiffy--my saber tooth tiger--happily fed is a different story. He's an off-leash saber tooth tiger, so if you see him prowling around the campus after dark, uh, you should prolly steer clear.

9/26/2017 4:57pm

OOG MOOGA CHUK! DABA BOOLA OOG MOOGA CHUkkkk---ack! *cough cough* aHEM! Excuse me. Wow, boy do I feel better. Had a piece of ice caught in my throat. HACK!

I was just revived from my glacier a couple of weeks ago--me and my saber tooth tiger Spiffy. Where is Spiffy, anyway? Has anyone seen a saber tooth tiger wandering around? He's got a collar with a little piece of bone with the number of my cave carved on it. Though, gee, I guess that cave is long gone, and I haven't got a chance to put a dorm room number on it yet.

SPEAKING OF... since I just got to campus, I am still I need of a roommate! I was hoping to ask @Ava Elisabeth if things were working out with @EmilyDH, but seems like Ava has left campus on a fall sightseeing trip. Maybe I'll just sort of camp out in their room till somebody turns up.

Anyway, yes, I've been experiencing varying levels of intellectual ability since being defrosted from my glacier. Not that prehistoric peoples were "stupid." Well, not all of them, and certainly not me. But I do seem to have mastered your language pretty immediately, and have a range of other--


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9/15/2017 5:20pm

Well I just got melted out of my glacier and I feel great! Well, a little groggy still. And hungry. Boy oh boy am I hungry. Got anything to eat around here? Spiffy's hungry too--he's my sabertooth tiger, and I can tell he's MIGHTY hungry. DOWN BOY! DOWN!!!

Anywayz, after I got defrosted they said the best place for me to get up to speed on the modern world was here at Psyhigh. And hey - free food I don't have to hunt for, a roof over my head that's not covered in soot - sounds great to me!

The one thing they said to watch out for is that my sudden post-thawing intelligence might wear off. Obviously, I didn't have such a command of your language, or such mad Mario Kart skillz, back in the day. But somehow, after being awakened in your world, I have a mastery of these things!

The scientists don't understand it, but they do say it could be temporary. Any minute now I could start to... start... oh, I'm sorry, I seem to have lost my train of thought. Ah yes, as I was saying, uh... uh.. UG! UG MOK! UG MOK MOK YO!!!!!

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