Feeding Saber-tooth Tigers

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Cave Girl Claire
- 9/29/2017 4:01pm

I LOVE your cafeteria! What a wonderful invention! I was getting SOOO tired of the whole Paleo thing. I mean, I might go back to it eventually, but I figure treating myself to the all-you-can-eat cake and gravy bar is an ok way to celebrate my unfreezing.

However, keeping Spiffy--my saber tooth tiger--happily fed is a different story. He's an off-leash saber tooth tiger, so if you see him prowling around the campus after dark, uh, you should prolly steer clear.

Lucia Smith
- 10/1/2017 7:24pm

Hey @Cave Girl Claire ! Speaking of your tiger prowling around at night,

He/She/They are currently in my dorm. I was cooking food for a party later tonight and they popped up and started eating the food. Turns out Saber-Tooth Tigers love Fae Steak. It won't hurt them or anything, but t seems to keep them happy.

Anyways, could you come get them please? I've been cooking pretty much non-stop and I'm a little scared for when I run out of steak.

Cave Girl Claire
- 10/1/2017 8:53pm

Whoa! I picked up Spiffy from @Lucia Smith's Fae Fete and she was stuffed and happy on Fae Steak. She hadn't had a real meal since we got thawed, so it was v. nice to see her all dozy and purry again.

Back in the stone age, there were plenty of fairy folk and gnomes and kobolds running around, except they looked all different--it being back in the pre-mythology days. But even then, we knew that if you ate fairy food you might never come back! You'd end up in their spaceship or whatever.

Doesn't hold up for saber tooth tigers, though. They can eat whatever they want. Now Spiffy's all sleepy and curled up with me here in @Ava Elisabeth's closet. She even let me pick some bits of wing out of her teeth. So cute!!!! Thanks Lucia!

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