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1/5/2019 10:03pm

K so it was my first day because I really dont know anything or anyone but i gotta admit its pretty cool I guess. So i went to my first class and accidentally made my teacher float because he called me a "Goobus canbernabum" in which i thought it was an insult but it was actually Gaelic for "Youre the bright new student". So I told my ghost twin friends to lift him up and hurl him towards the window.

In the cafeteria I accidentally took 5 peoples lunch because I kept smelling what they had made and they all kept going onto my trade. I got some mean faces because they dont understand once something comes to my mind it automatically teleports to my place, ill tell you this i was petrified when i heard a murderer was on the loose and the next thing i see hes on my couch as shocked as me because he was running. But yeah, mostly my day.

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1/5/2019 1:42pm

I once accidenally combusted my whole family and it took 3 experts to get them out of the 5th dimension.
I need help

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