Sebastian Stan

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11/9/2019 4:29pm

at psyhigh i have recently come to the conclusion that i, bucky barnes (call me bucky, buck, barnes, winter soldier, or james buchanan barnes if ya like), have fallen in love with a man named steve rodgers (call him steve, cap, or captain america). yes, yes, yes, i know many people have called us gay or homosexual in the past, but i have simply dismissed it knowing that everyone was joking around. i mean, he was just the little kid from brooklyn always never giving up in the back alley when he was getting beaten up. he was my BEST FREIND EVER. then suddenly he's all buff and big. he tells me he got something called 'the super soldier serum' put in him by a scientist. he got turned all muscular... and now he is the one and only 'captain america'. he represents america in the war for gods sake. i mean i always thought he was really cute when he was younger but i still liked girls then. i hadn't came out yet... hes plain freakin hot now.
a little later, i got captured as pow in enemys camp and guess who decides to barge in here and come release all the pows. thats right.. my steve. he saved me. steve. my first friend. may be the savior. hes my hero, my love, my everything
-seb <3

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