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10/30/2017 1:43pm

Day #1

There was a pyrokinetic poltergeist in my closet when I woke up this morning. I wasn't really expecting; hence, my fireproofs were in the chest under my bed, and my waterproofs and earthproofs in my closet.
Note to self: Get new water- and earthproofs.
Waterproofs are not fireproof.
Anyway, the poltergeist is now floating around the candle on the table in the middle of my summoning rug. I think he's trying to have an intelligent conversation with it? I can't understand a word he says, though: she seems to talk in a series of crackles and pops, like a bonfire.
They also set fire to my cereal earlier - fish-flakes flambe, delicious.
In other news, the thing in the pipes is unusually quiet today, although there was a lizard in my sink when I went to wash my breakfast away. I think it's scared of the poltergeist.
I haven't left my room yet - being unwilling to return to find my room in cinders, I don't think I'll be leaving until the pyrogeist is gone, whenever that may be.
If anyone walks past my room any time soon, I'll ask for help with an exorcism or something. Maybe then I'll be able to get the herbs I need.
Oh, and my water- and earthproofs. I'll need them for tomorrow.

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