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12/26/2023 3:51pm

Update // definitely rats

So, I finished moving my stuff in the room tonight, and guess what I saw sitting <oh so kindly> on the desk. A god-damned rat.

And this thing was huge, so yeah, it’s confirmed, *I* have rats, I’m not going back into that room until it’s dealt with.

So, on another note, has anyone got some space in their dorm for me to stay in? I won’t be able to deal with staying in a rat-infested room.

-end // please, thanks, Genesis

12/25/2023 6:29pm

Moved in dorm // rat infestation?

I just moved into my dorm- beautiful rooms by the way- and,
There's this big, VERY big hole by an outlet, and I'm pretty sure I heard some squeaks, I think there are mice in here?

Does anyone know how I should deal with them if there are?
Thanks, until then, I think I'm gonna stay in another room.

-End // Thanks, Genesis