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3/19/2021 9:26am

I just realised, do I need to try get Millie a place at Psyhigh? I hope not cuz I don't know how!

I'll just bring her along with me. I'm not sure if other people will be able to see her at Psyhigh, but since she is a spirit, it shouldn't really matter.

Yeah, it'll be fine!


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3/19/2021 9:15am

My Story continued! :D -

(Where was I? Oh! Right! Millie became a sister to me...)

After I started going to school all day every day, not just some mornings like I did when I was 2, Millie started coming with me to school (obviously) but at school, things got weird, as in more weird than they were before. All sorts of things happened, from things like books and pencils disappearing for a few days and suddenly reappearing in random places, like on the school roof, or on a shelf in the school library, or at the bottom of a hole that suddenly appeared, to plants suddenly sprouting out the ground fully grown or just shrivelling up altogether, and once someone just completely disappeared along with every trace of there entire exitance and nobody remembered who they were! (ok it happened like 15 times, but still)

Nobody knew how it was all happening, even I didn't know it was me until I was 5, because then I realised that the things kept happening to people I didn't like, or whenever I felt really happy, angry, scared or upset. After I realised it, I got scared, and that made more things happen, which made me even more scared, so even more, worse things happened, like things randomly disintegrating or throwing themselves around, I got really scared. One day, I was so scared that, when I got back to the kids Home after school, I went inside and one of the bigger kids jumped out at me and I screamed, and then the world kind-of disappeared. I was as-if someone had just pulled a plughole beneath my feat, and the world around me was falling through it, and then I was left floating in the strange dark space left behind.

It was completely empty, except for a weird dark mist, and every few seconds, there was a flash of different bright colours and the only noise there, was made by the flashes of colour and it sounded a bit like something being dropped into water, a sort of gulping sound. It looked beautiful. Since Millie goes with me everywhere, I assumed she would be here as well."Millie" I said "Where are we?" and when I looked round, I saw that as well as me floating around, Millie was floating next to me, but instead of looking all glowy and transparent, she looked solid and human. Like me.

"I'm not sure..." She said, not realising yet what had happened to her. I looked into her face, it was lighting up from different sides in bright colours coming from the strange flashes in the mist. "Millie! Look at you!" I said in wonder. Millie noticed what had happened and gasped. "Wow! I look human like you!" "And hay, your not scared anymore!" She pointed out. I realised that I was feeling calmer than I had in almost a year. She then asked me why I had been so scared, and I explained that I had been worried that I would destroy everything. We talked to each other, and after a while I had decided that the strange things that I could do were really cool, and definitely not scary at all.

After that, we weren't sure what to do so we tried moving around in the strange space and found out it was very easy to spin around and do flip like things. It was kind-of like moving through water, except you can breathe and you don't keep getting pulled back up to the surface of the water because there wasn't really an 'up' direction and there didn't seem to be any surface of where we were.

After a short time, or it could have been a long one... it was hard to tell as time seemed to work differently where we were. But what then happened was we kind of dropped out of the place and landed back where we were in the real world, and I felt a bit dazed for a few seconds, before I realised time hadn't changed at all and it was like we had never left, well, like I had never left, since nobody else could see Millie, she didn't make any difference. Then a grownup person told me off for screaming (typical) but i didn't care, I don't ever really care when someone tells me off at the Home, it's almost the only time any of the grownups notice me.

All of the strange things still kept happening to me but they seemed really cool now, so I looked like I was enjoying the things that were happening, because I did, but then everyone assumed it was me doing the things, so all the other kids either became kind of afraid of me, or they started being mean to me. All the teachers also thought it was me, but because they had no proof, they couldn't punish me for it, so instead they just ignored me and whenever I did anything slightly wrong, they shouted at me like mad. I was mostly alright with that because I was used to it as that's what the grownups at the Home do to me.

To Be Continued (Again)…..

Probably on Monday, the Weekends are busy here.

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3/19/2021 6:52am

I have decided to write in here how to say my Name properly, as yesterday some people came to the kids home and kept saying my name wrong.

Elena- el-EN-u
The emphasis is on the 'EN' part, not the 'u' cuz that sounds weird

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3/18/2021 7:51am

"Ok, Ok, I'm doing it!"

Hi, its Me again, writing some more stuff today, Umm ("C'mon, c'mon do it!" "Yeah I am, shut up!") Millie keeps on reminding me, over and over again("Don't write that!" "Yeah well I am, so tough!") that I haven't written how I got my place at Psyhigh ("I still think I don't need to write this!" "So? Just do it or I will" "you can't, your a spirit!" "Urch, you know what I mean!") I won a scholarship here after an accident happened so I can learn to control my powers more. ("There I wrote it" "No, you still need to write what the accident was!" "I'm going to write it in my story, you know, that thing I started writing before and you watched and kept reminding me of things i already knew, and kept interrupting me and being really annoying!" "Oh! Yeah! That! Thats alright then, as long as you actually do it" "I will!" "Good!")


(this was written with lots of laughing and smiling done by both me and Millie)

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3/18/2021 7:21am

Here is my story, I said I would write it! (this will be posted over a few days so it doesn't seem long and boring :D) -

It all started when I was about 2. I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night, which wasn't very strange as I did this most nights. Normally it was pitch black in my room and I would be terrified as I would keep on hearing strange voices whispering to me through the dark and I would only manage to get to sleep by making the roof of my room melt away so I could see the the beautiful night sky with all its bright stars and planets and dragons and creatures and clouds of dust. When I told other people about me doing this, they said I was imagining it, but I knew I wasn't.

This time seemed different though, when I woke up it wasn't dark at all, there was a sort of warm, golden glow in the room that was casting dancing shadows the orangey colour of flames across my wall and it made me feel a strange exited tingly feeling. I wondered what was making this glow so I turned over so I was facing the rest of the room instead of my wall and looked around to see a glowing transparent looking girl stood besides my bed, watching over me. I realised that she looked almost exactly like me except she had short, sticking up hair like a boys with red streaks in it at the front, and of course, she was transparent, but apart from that, we looked exactly the same, we even had the same worn out blue stripy pyjamas on!

I stared into her freckly face in surprise and she grinned at me, so I sat up and said "Who, What are you? What's your Name?" she answer me with "Hello my name is Elena and I am your spirit twin! well at least I'm pretty sure I am... " I asked her how she could not be sure about what she is and she said she doesn't know. Then I asked why her Name was Elena too and she said "I told you already, its because I'm your spirit twin!" I was confused. "We can't both be called Elena" I said. "What should my name be then?" She asked, and after a few seconds of thinking "Millie" I said, "That should be your name." "Hmm..." She said "Millie..... I like that! Millie can be my name now then!"

After that night I stopped waking up in the night completely. Millie went with me almost everywhere, and I found out nobody else could see her. She always wears red because its her favourite colour, and like me, she always wears shorts or trousers. (My favourite colour is blue so I always wear lots of Blue, but I also wear lots of other bright colours) She became my only, and best, friend.

I wanted to be friends with other kids as well, but they all thought I was to strange to even talk to, (which is fair as I kept accidentally making things move, disappear and reappear in strange places, and plants and animals acted different around me as well as a bunch of other weird things) even the teachers acted differently around me, and as for at home, well since I live in a kids Home, nobody pays attention to me much whilst I'm there.

Too be Continued.....

….. probably tomorrow or something. I'm not completely sure when I'll get some more time to write it at the Home. Plus I need to keep trying to remember everything, right now it is kind of all a blur. I hope things get easier and make more sense when I get to Psyhigh.

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3/18/2021 6:49am

Hello! My Name is Elena Jones, I am 10 yrs old, I have a twin spirit and a bunch of weird psychic abilities, so far I am a kind of self taught at telekinesis (I said kind of because so far i have only managed to stop accidently levitating things, which was getting quite out of control, so i am glad i have almost stopped doing this.) and I am so glad I finally found out about Psyhigh, it sounds exactly like what I have been looking for!

I have now got a place here so I have been told to start writing in this journal and I hope that before I get to Psyhigh I can put 'my story' as I call it in here so I don't seam really strange or different or et asked loads of questions when I get there. I can't wait to start here in about 2 weeks! I've decided to stay in the rooms on campus as they sound fun and I definitely won't be missed where I am now. I will probably get here using the space under my stairs, as that sounds like the easiest and least detectable was to get here.

Oooh!!! I'm so Exited!!!

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