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Haunted Driver’s Ed
7/17/2018 8:08am

Ok here's another head-scratcher from the written test:

13. It is a dark and moonless night, and you're parked on "Lover's Lane," listening to music with that special someone. Suddenly there's an announcement on the radio that a dangerous serial killer has escaped from the nearby Hospital for the Criminally Insane, and that the killer has metal hooks for hands. You think nothing of it and return home. The next morning, however, you find a hook attached to the bumper of your car.

Do you:

a) Drop it in a mailbox addressed to "Dangerous Serial Killer, Hospital for the Criminally Insane."

b) Return it to your date, who also has a hook and is frequently misplacing it.

c) Add it to your collection.

Haunted Driver’s Ed
7/6/2018 8:09am

How am I supposed to answer this?

4. It is a dark and moonless night.You are parked near a shallow river and hear a woman crying. She is calling for her children. You see her, dressed in white, floating just above the water.

a) Go to her. Help her find her children!

b) Activate Witchfinder GPS

c) "Hop in, Lady! We're going for a ride."