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8/20/2016 9:24am

Hey, my name's Cilara Agnocia Thedosia but everyone just calls me Cilara. I boarded at this school just a short while ago, to be exact it was yesterday. And phew...what was I nervous! I've never been this far away from home and none of my friends were able to go with me to this school, mostly because they arent....'special' like me. Which means that they don't possess the powers and abilities I possess. They are normal students living a normal life with no complications whatsoever and I was like them, no supernatural powers, no weird things happening, nothing. Until that one day. My 16th birthday. The day I started to feel something. The day my eyes started shining for the first time. It felt horrible, like an evil being taking over my body, controlling it and I could nothing but watch my body start shaking like having a seizure. And it got worse and worse. I couldn't go to school anymore. My friends were worried and scared, as well as everybody else. Rumors about my family and me went around, something about witchery and contracts with evil forces my family allegedly made in the 14th century, and spread even to the neighbouring towns. It was cruel how they mocked me, they even spit at me. But then one day, while desperately searching through the internet for a doctor that could possibly cure me, my mother saw an ad. For this school. She was so happy, I still remember the tears streaming down her face as she ran into my room and said: "Cilara, dear...I found our solution!" And now, one month later, I arrived at this school. I hope I get to meet my roommates soon and find new frineds...I can't stand being lonely any longer!

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