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12/24/2019 9:40pm

Since I have no family whatsoever I get to stay here on campus for Christmas so this is my first official PsyHigh Christmas Eve! It's not a sad story that I have no family, I I raised myself. I named myself too. I not sure if I was born or how I came to be. The school staff were so impressed with me (and frankly felt a little sorry for me) that they gave me a full scholarship!

For kids who get to stay here over winter break, the staff arrange for Santa's elves to visit you each night and surprise you in the morning with whimsical offerings.
Santa's elves are different from other elvish creatures in our world in that they literally create no at all it is impossible to catch them if you wait up for them.
They aren't invisible per se...they are just phenomenally stealthy. Sure all such creatures have serious stealth moves, pixies, gnomes, gremlins, and the like are pretty rad but they have nothing on Santa's elves.

Anyhoo, this morning my whole room was enchanted with floating bubbles. I have to say it made me feel really special. I am sort of bummed that this is the last night for the elves. They go back to the north and offer to come back next year to PsyHigh near the winter solstice. They have some special arrangement with some elder staff person. I think she is the one they call, The Elder. She doesn't teach but does a lot of cool special programs for students like me.

Apparently one year Krampus tried to make a deal with The Elder for campus control over winter holidays and she would not have it. He was so furious that he captured and tortured several of Santa's elves. Santa rescued them and everything but the whole thing really shook up the staff. I mean that is a sad story. Poor little dear elves. Santa's elves exist purely to bring joy to all kids and teens, psychic and non psychic. That is love right there and I am here for it.
Merry Christmas Everyone.

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