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Sparks Fly
1/4/2017 10:30pm

I sing in mathematics
I make tones with my mouth
I weave a tunnel and a ladder
Hoping @Alastor Dimitri will come out!

Long ago he had a problem
His powers were too much
but Psyhigh students worked together
and saved him from burning up.

First @kubert tried to help him
with his gizmos and his schemes,
made him into a reality show
and licensed all the memes!

It was @Fawn who took an interest
and hired Skunk Detective, Larry Moon,
to get to the bottom of the problem
which was buried underneath the school.

But Alastor's powers kept growing
His gauges were in the red
@Mr. Hazeldell tried to help him
but got a chest full of lead instead.

Then Dark 4-H offered a solution
those guys are always crafty
@Justin Colorado built Alastor an android body
but its mind is kinda drafty.

Won't you come home oh @Alastor Dimitri?
Come out of the wires in the ceiling.
Get into this pre-built teen, you Generator Kid,
Or I will go on singing!

You're done blowing up light bulbs and hiding in the sockets!
Quit riding the electrical grid and zipping around like a rocket!
Use your slinky power to jump into this nice body
Your powers will be contained and people will think you are a hottie!

If not I'll keep on singing
till everybody's ears are ringing
with thunder and lightning and raining
and @Gretel starts complaining!

Sparks Fly
11/8/2016 9:21pm

I volunteer at the Psychic Senior Center where I read poetry and stories to the psychic seniors to keep their minds from caving in. It's a 24 hour read, where volunteers trade off to keep a continuous read-a-thon, and the old people come in and out as necessary to keep their brains inflated. But we keep the stories going round the clock!

I had the midnight to 3am shift, and instead of reading the Blake and Margaret Atwood and Robin Coste Lewis that was on the schedule, I played my crystal radio set. I turned the lights down and it was quiet for awhile, except for the static and the rise and fall of the waves. Then the old people started to speak.


Then they hummed and buzzed a lot, and then started throat singing.


"@Alastor Dimitri? Are you here?"

Sparks Fly
10/20/2016 10:16pm

During local field potential recordings with my crystal radio set, a signal is recorded using an extracellular microelectrode, placed sufficiently far from individual local neurons to prevent any particular cell from dominating the electrophysiological signal. Using this technique, I have communicated extensively with The Generators and have definitively learned these things:

1) The come from a place called Seven Corners.

2) They take on illuminated humanoid shapes when intersecting with our dimension.

3) It is hard to determine their intent or motivations, because their appearances in our linear perception are out of order. The Generator you're talking to now might suddenly become the same Generator but 20 minutes ago. Or a day in the future. So often their interactions don't make sense. However, through processing the extensive transcripts of our conversations, I am hoping to understand the "big picture" of what they're really doing.

4) They have not answered any questions about @Alastor Dimitri, or if they know his whereabouts.

Sparks Fly
10/5/2016 12:00am

I assembled a crystal radio, hoping to communicate with @Alastor Dimitri. I hypothesized that if he's living in the electrical system, then perhaps he can be reached if we listen and speak to him through the EM spectrum. I got the crystal detector and the cat's whisker from @Mr. Hazeldell and set it up in my room, hooked up to my MacBook to amplify and record the sound.

My first observations positively terrified me as there was present in them something mysterious, not to say supernatural, and I was alone in my room at night. The sounds at first appeared to be human voices conversing back and forth in a language I couldn't understand, but after processing them on my computer I was able to filter out the noise and distortion. Here is my conversation::

"@Alastor Dimitri, are you there? Can you hear me?"

"Artie McSpeckleton. The beef readers on the rise."

"What was that? Please repeat."

"The many Karman voices. We cannot cry for ice cream."

"There are many of you? Who are you?"

"The mandate supernodule completes. The Generators on click. Yeah."

"Did you say the Generators? Are you the Generators?"

"A family or congruence of nonintersecting world lines via the integral curve, not necessarily geodesics."

It's at that time that the power went out in my room. The crystal radio - built into a mason jar, continued to buzz, but further communication was unintelligible.

Sparks Fly
9/27/2016 2:06pm

I've been reading through @Alastor Dimitri's cryptic posts, trying to find out more about this electrical wilding that's disturbing our magnetic fields. I've taken readings all over campus, but, like my lab partner Rich Victor says, I need to find out more about him as a human. Rich Victor says I only look at people like they were data, but it's true, isn't it? If I take your measure purely by the numbers, won't I get a more accurate picture of your true nature? And besides, people don't make any sense.

That said, @Alastor Dimitri mentions "the generators," and with some reverence. Why will "the generators" help him? And who are they? And where does Psyhigh's power really come from anyway? It's a different grid than what powers the town, that's for sure. And how come we've never wondered before? I will next be researching "the generators" and perhaps there lies the key to understanding @Alastor Dimitri.

Sparks Fly
9/7/2016 12:13am

I've got a head full of numbers.

It's about 10 feet from me to the wall. The width of a 100 megahertz radio wave. I know the frequency of my laptop, and my phone, and the electricity in the walls. I tune the dial on the radio on the boom box and walk around the room to see where the curves meet. Turn on the PlayStation, set my laptop 73 centimeters in front of it at a 90 degree angle, and put my phone on top of the bookshelf. The amplitude in the room begins to shift. Then I arrange the string of Christmas lights just so, until...

There. I set the resonance perfectly. Now I can throw books and pens around the room and they float like I'm on the space station. Slow motion, end over end. And after making a graceful dance around the room, they always come neatly back to my hand.

Except something is off. A book suddenly falls to the floor. Ghost frequencies creating interference patterns. Standing waves that suddenly appear and leave. Localized electromagnetic storms? If this keeps up, I may need to insulate my room better.