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9/10/2019 10:26am

I painted wings on my eyes but they never flew nor fell. These merlot, mulberry, and mahogany all have no taste nor smell. The ring on my hand keeps turning, yet it never truly moves. Clacking steps recall forbidden halls where I have worn these shoes.

Curly hair twists and twists til the length becomes a mass. I close my eyes while it dries 'cause that hastens time to pass. My bags droop and my bag is filled and the day is in the bag. I do try to dress nice and cute, but I'm still a burgeoning hag.

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9/4/2019 8:27pm

Sing it to the hilltops
Sing it to the graves
Hum it at the traffic stops
Tell it to the knaves

Clap and jump and caper
Screech, stutter, rave
Fill the air as if it's paper
Fill the emptiness that craves

My father woke in the night
His heart tempo affrettando
The subconscious had had a fright
Mosso, presto, Accelerando

Bad omens drip like candle wax
Good flees as water from oil
I shook sweaty hands of hypocrites
who something sacred soiled

My advice? My counsel?
What little prophecy I possess
Says not to heed the sorry soul
Who would involve you in the mess.

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12/11/2017 3:54pm

It was in the blue bag blue bag blue bag
It was in the blue bag from the mean old hag

Cat tail, lizard scale, bone gone frail,
Snake eye, bottled lye, tired man's tie,
A patch of askew hue mildew,
Guitar string, scorpion sting, and note from summer fling

It was in the blue bag blue bag blue bag
It was in the blue bag from the mean old hag

Ingredients I need of it
Garnishes and wishes
Spices and ices
Kept in by drawstring

Siss boom pow
Ooo Aah Wow
Mix another trick
With a broth nice and thick

Uh oh
No go
Too much too fast
Mice's play time gone bad

It was in the blue bag blue bag blue bag
It was in the blue bag I warn't supposed to had

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11/29/2017 5:22pm

Tarot cards. Four suits. Seventy-eight pictures. Two hundred and thirty-four possible combinations. Probably more actually. Math isn't my strong suit. The Cups are, though.

Justice. The Empress. The Hanged Man. Quite the trio to appear before me. I always seem to get The Hanged Man. The card of contradictions, or so my textbook says.

Every night we have to pull three cards from the deck. Our teacher says that's how you learn-- like a second language. Supposedly, by the end of the year we'll be able to pull cards for anyone we can keep eye contact with. Seventy-eight cards. Three hundred and sixty-five days. Four more years. Eight decades. All predictable. All in the deck.

The Hanged Man again. Hm. Maybe I'm not shuffling Fate enough.

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11/18/2017 5:57pm

Ha ha ha
Hee hee hee
You don't really
don't really see me

Ha ha ha
ho ho ho
Isn't funny
Funny how we're old?

If I could tell,
If I could say,
The masks I've worn,
Parts I did play

Would you recall
Would you be shocked
Or would you have guessed
What I tried to block?

Ha ha ha
hee hee hee
So much has changed
But not real me!

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Upward Mobility and the Modern Worker
10/22/2017 10:33am

Go little children
Don't set a foot
Into the dreary catacombs
Leave little children
Turn your innocent backs
All that you seek may be found here

Stop there sweet children
It's yet not too late
The light of the exit still glimmers
Dare not poor children
To delve into dark
Where echoes and whispers do reign

Careful dear children
When choosing your way
These paths are filled with deception
Listen not children
To voices you hear
Premature knowledge is fatal

Here we are children
The heart of the caves
Now do you see why I'm cautious?
Come little children
The time to flee's gone
Truth will descend unimpeded

Mapping Psyhigh
7/30/2017 11:35am

Hello there, @Hector Penman may I butt in? I've been wandering the grounds for a little over too long, and I know a few spots you may want on your map.

I'd like to remind you that the APSA center, also known as @i am the champ's office, is located in the Administration building... the same hall as Dean Hammer's lounge and the guidance counselor(s) offices. Down at lower campus's quad... the one with the fountain and @Dr Krimsborg, DPM clinic.

Also, some notable locations in the Science Labs include @Matching by Mattie's business in room 375, the grates leading to the sewers and other aquatic areas that students like @Matthew17 dump old experiments into, and @kubert's Mythopedic Pocket Universe Projector 9000 is in one of the display cases.

Don't forget about the Psychic Camera Obscura theater either. I know there's a subterranean pool somewhere, but I couldn't tell you where. I spend more time on ceilings and the various observation towers. Especially the ones by the Reality Generator Server Room. I think @GROTTO G.S.M. INC. also houses some of their servers in that building, but with all their increase in security lately it's hard to say.

Somewhere there's a World Tree, @Crispy Genie could tell you about that. And I know there's a Whispering Tree Arbor by the Prophecy, Omens, and Time-Travel (POTT) building. Just be careful if you try surveying around there: the flora are somewhat testy.

Actually, now that I think about it, a good place to get a visual reference of an areal view of the grounds would be the Psy Cops' center. There's the junior agent wing of Psy Cops on campus somewhere, to provide security and such. I'm sure @Junior Agent LuLu could get you a copy, if you ask nicely.

7/22/2017 8:56pm

Look at the date
Look at the date
I fear my friends
The summer's getting late

How does the time
How does the time
Fly, it flies,
So fast it flies by

Hear the bells chime
Hear the bells chime
The clanging of metal
You know it's a sign

Feel the winds shift
Feel the winds shift
Kids steel your courage
The veil will soon lift

A new year is coming
A school year is coming
With new pains and
New pleasures
New torments
And treasures

So bottle your summer
Imprint your gladness
For a new school year is coming
We stand on the edge of

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6/16/2017 6:54pm

Hmmm hm hm hmm, hmmm hm hm hmm

Rhythm in the walls
Echoes in the stones
Tales of the past
Those who were before

Patterns so well worn
Students will trek forth
Follow in footsteps
Of previous souls

Hm hmmm Hmm hm hm, Hm hmmm Hmm hm hm

New beings arise
Or plummet from the sky
Old threats come to pass
Stories fade to ash

And you, new player
In this secret game
After your turn took,
Will you be the same?

Hmmm hm hm hmm, hmmm hm hm hmm

Oddities all around
Whispers drowning shouts
Crumble into fear
Or taken in stride?

Hm Hmmm hm hm Hm, Hm Hmmm hm hm Hm

Welcome to the school,
Of wonders and mist
Of secrets and truths
And pathways to pick

Oh, you young ones
Watch where you step
For this is the school
You really can't forget

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1/8/2017 7:40am

This message is dirrcted to @Zora Dyne. Beginning transmission of information... ... ... ...

Young student, this message comes from what your people have labeled the Rreoidacgro Sub-Realm. It is being relayed from Intern Gretel to you through me. My name does not use any of the characters present on this "keyboard", so I shant bother myself with providing it.

Intern Gretel is currently engaged in a very special project for my people. Again, I cannot spell its name with your primative language, but suffice it to say it is extremely prestigious and vital to providing our subrealm with the necessary amount of periodic element 125. It requires at least another fortnight of uninterrupted, improvised singing, hence why Intern Gretel cannot relay her message directly.

Through winks, eyebrow wiggles, and several other body language manuevors, Intern Gretel has told me that she wanted to speak to you "Zora Dyne". Based on her charades, I believe she wished to express the following:

- She would never complain about your singing. She encourages all music, whether it's verbal, physical, blue raspberry flavor, or elephant. Though she does have reservations regarding singing between the hours of 2 - 6 am.

- She finds your song for Alastor Dimitri delightful, and is ecstatic that that traditional format of lyrics is living on at Psyhigh.

- If you would like advice on the art of Manisfestation Music, there's an excellent tome on it in Professor Hansel's secret nightmare-guarded hoard.

- She is extremely hungry and would appreciate another ration of singer's food.

Oh dear. That last one was probably directed towards me. I keep forgetting that the beings from your plane require physical inputs to produce energy. I must attend to my charge, or the Psychic High School will recall its students due to "neglect". This will mark the end of Intern Gretel's message.

... ... ... transmission window closed.

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