Alastor Dimitri II

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Sparks Fly
1/23/2017 11:04pm

So its been a couple of weeks in my new body, and its ok I guess. The last few months have been an ethereal dream... I was pure electricity, riding the grid, bouncing around inside that little robot, and yet time had no meaning. And the Generators! What did they want? They were pretty spooky in their robes made out of static, just standing there, not moving, each one a hundred feet tall. They were the ones who threw me out of that robot and into this new body. I guess I owe it all to them, and @Justin Colorado and @Zora Dyne too. Thanks everybody. Will my powers be controllable in this new body? Am I still the same old @Alastor Dimitri inside? Only time will tell!

Zzzzzzzzzt! *^*!!