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Baking Adventures at Psyhigh
5/4/2018 10:27am

Yet another baking incident occurred tonight! Since today was my annual "Ambassadors of the Occult" meeting I decided to bring some baked goods along with me! I needed to find the perfect recipe so I packed my things and headed to the library.

I decided to go to the forbidden east wing library, I know the security guard there, and he will sneak me in as long as I give him a portion of anything that I bake. So there I was squeezing through an outer vent about 50 feet in the air, when I noticed a piece of paper sticking out of one of the seams. It was a recipe for a howling witchcake, it fit perfectly with the theme of this year meeting! I think I have a knack for finding lost recipes.

From the library, I went to the kitchen in my dorm building. I scanned the recipe into my newly built Transmorpher Emulsifier, I had Felix build it for me out of out robot parts. I hooked up the machine to the mini fridge and set the timer for 43.85 seconds. When the timer dinged, I opened the door to the T.E. and was met with the most awful howling I have ever heard (that's how you know you made them right).

Now in order to silence a witch momentarily, for transportation sake, you need to make Mufflers Icing. Its a simple recipe, any baker worth their salt should know it. Luckily, I had some left over from last week.

You must be careful when icing a witchcake, you dont want them to suffocate! The best technique is to ice it fast, and then poke a few straws through the icing, allowing it to breathe. Place it in a cake box and poke a few holes there to allow the air to circulate and viola!! A perfectly frosted witchcake, I'm sure everyone at the meeting will love it!

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Baking Adventures at Psyhigh
4/4/2018 6:28pm

Well... I still decided to eat the rest of my batch of shortbread. Luckily, I only sprouted a third eye. It took me a little bit, but I got used to my third eye after a while. Only people who have a third eye themselves can see mine, so it goes under the radar. Oh and the cookies, they tasted delicious! Perfectly crispy!

Baking Adventures at Psyhigh
4/4/2018 5:40am

Today I decided to bake some shortbread cookies in my dorm room. I really craved some sugar and I found the recipe tucked into a book called: How to Open your Third Eye Using the Regame Method. I should have known that this wouldn't go according to plan, this is Psyhigh nothing ever goes to plan here!

Everything was normal on the ingredient list:
- Sugar
- Flour
- Mucus from a 5th realm goblin (it really helps with the structure of the cookies)
- Butter
- Brain Juice from an amateur witch
- Pop Corn Kernels from the 3rd planet in the Remedial Galaxy

I didn't suspect anything, so I invited my friend @Quetzalcoatl over and we started right away! I already had everything except the Brain Juice, but there was an amateur witch on my floor who owed me. Everything went off without a hitch, the cookies baked perfectly and looked amazing! However, when I bit into one I grew a third eye right in the middle of my forehead. Quetzalcoatl didn't notice anything, she still saw two eyes, but when I looked at myself in the mirror I could see it sticking right out of my forehead. She ate one too and now she has one and she can see mine. I'm never baking again.

Doll Flu
4/3/2018 11:33am

I had no idea the Doll Flu was even going on until I finally came out of my dreamscape I mentally linked to a VR headset, I was in there for days trying to find my favorite pen, you really do your best work when you write with a pen you are mentally attached too.

Anyway, when I finally surfaced to reality, which is quite hard when you're in your dream world, half the students in my Precious Metal Utilization class had body parts made of small hard plastic. 5 students were completely transformed into dolls. I was really not expecting to see that, so I cornered my friend @Quetzalcoatl and forced her to tell me what was happening. When I heard the full story, my dreamscape seems way more appealing. I think I may go back for a while till this blows over. Anyone wanna come? I can take up to 3 other people, and you will be safe from the doll flu. And trust me, my dreamscape rocks, free milkshakes, and a lovely techtropolis setting. Oh and I can't forget, upon entry to the dreamscape, you get a hoverboard!

I'm leaving tonight at 9:00 pm
In the Eastern Dorms from room 6658
Bring your own VR head set.

Broken Clock
12/29/2017 8:32pm

I have some crazy news!!

I found @Pitato. They were huddled up in the corner of PsyHigh's very own North Campus Cafeteria, right next to the fridge. For some reason, they were surrounded by some loose potatoes and spilled hot chocolate. Anyway, I found them while I was stealing some leftover pancakes. Pitato was babbling some weird phrases while rocking back and forth. I had no idea what was wrong with him, maybe he can hear these insanely high frequencies and they're messing with his mind? Does that make him a god? Well, I'm glad that I can't hear the clock anymore, it messed up my sleep cycle for months.

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Lonely Bus
12/22/2017 5:49am

I had no idea that the lonely bus had a second level, it really doesn't look like it from the outside huh. Anyway, I did find out that the lonely bus has a luggage compartment underneath the first floor. I found it out one day because a corner of the carpeting peeled back a little, and I tripped right over it. Lying there on the floor, I noticed a handle peeking under the carpet. My stop wasn't coming up for another 45 mins, so I decided why not explore. Looking around at the zombie-like passengers, I knew I could enter without being followed.

Underneath the trap door was a small area, a little bigger than a crawl space. It was filled with luggage from other people, I suppose, but the amount of dust on those babies, it seemed like no one had touched them in years. I couldn't hold back my curiosity, so I opened up a faded green carry-on. Inside, was a ton of old equipment wrapped in yellowed newspapers. The coolest thing I found was a walkie-talkie that instead of connecting to another walkie-talkie, connect to your alternate universe self. I thought that was pretty cool. My alternate self is named Harlow Estreya and she found her walkie-talkie in her alternate universe bus, called the Sociable Bus.

Anyway, does anyone know what this device is called?

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Underground Robot Fighting Ring
12/20/2017 7:53pm

I recently switched dorms at Psyhigh, and my new neighbors are very loud. This led me to discover that they are running an underground fighting ring. I bribed my way in with a bag of blackhole chips. Their names are Felix and Menji.

Felix is a 6-foot demon boy who wears a leather jacket and steals money from the queen of England. Menji is a cyborg who has a monkey tail. Right now I am currently sitting on their couch enjoying some chips.

Does anyone know these guys? And should I be worried about this robot fighting ring?

Underground Robot Fighting Ring
12/20/2017 7:46pm

Hello All!

I recently changed dorms at Psyhigh and it could not have been worse. The dorm I've moved into has some very loud neighbors. After a little investigation, it appears my neighbors are running some sort of underground robot fighting ring, and all the loud noises have been either robot death screeches or fights breaking out between the people who lost their money on poorly planned bets.

This was the last thing I was expecting of course and after my last incident, I decided it better to befriend my new neighbors instead of the very grim alternative. So as a way to befriend them I ordered a variety of foods, including blackhole flavored chips (everyone likes blackhole chips), and knocked on their door. Of course I needed to know the secret knock, but in the end, they let me in after I waved the bag of chips over the peephole.

Their names were Felix and Menji. Felix was a six-foot-tall demon boy who wore a leather jacket equipped with a quickdraw holster and seemed to have created his own personal portal that leads to the personal vault of the Queen of England. Menji seemed to be a cyborg and had his own monkey tail.

Right now I'm sitting on their couch and we are eating the snacks I brought. Does anyone else know these two boys? Should I be worried about this robot fighting ring?