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10/22/2019 3:57am

Found some of my old Journal entries, back when I didn't exist in this dimension yet. Thought I'd share them here.

"Hello. My name is ư͙͇̳ͩͯ̀͘ͅ ͉̠̯̜͆͗͞n͙͉̤͎͓͓ͥ̈ͮ͐̀͆ͭͪ͟d̡̥̺̠̓̓̑̽ͩ̈́̒ͦ ̷̩̱̭̼̫̟̘̰ͥͬ̓ͫ͋é̷̬͚̳͕̮͐ͨ͟ͅ ̸͖̠͎͖͈̑̍͆̅̾ͣ͆ͅf̥͍̯͈̯͙ͨ̂͊͆i̺̩̫̜͍̳̞̮͗͛̅̔ͮ͛̕n̶̛͖̾͂e̜̘̫͚̞͕̻̲̝͑ ͤ͛̐͛ͨ̌̋ͭ҉͎̙d̙͓̗ͪ̒̈́̈͛̋̑̔. I'm a Class S-FPR-D Seer. I can pierce the Fabric of Reality and thus have access to the Conceptual Realm. This can activate only under periods of high stress or fear, and I am unable to control it. I can also detect strong auras and experience premonitions in the form of involuntary thoughts. I like to write poems. The Concepts show themselves most easily in that form. I hope I can assist you in..."

It's really long, so I cut it. It's quite nostalgic, really. These old papers that constantly rearrange themselves and smell like cosmic floss are the root from which I sprouted. My origin. I guess I should mention, my class has since changed. As of now I'm a Class S-FPR-A Seer*; I'm more in tune with my powers after taking some courses. Go me! It seems quite impossible right now, but if I could want to do one thing, it'd be to get to level V. Wish me luck!

*For those unfamiliar with the Psychic Classing System, (it is quite a complicated, old thing) I'm a Seer whose powers are Soul-Sourced, Feeling, Piercing Type, Reality Pertaining, with Arbitrary Activation. Previously, I had the Dormant activation level as I wasn't able to produce a reaction. Now I can hold the Active state for much longer, and activation occurs much more frequently, so I'm getting better! Level V is Voluntary activation, which is self-explanatory.

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10/21/2019 8:16pm

Regarding the Reality Accident,

Sucks. Really really sucks. I was temporarily erased from everyone else's reality, and missed my bus. I got to the bus stop at 17:15, waited alone until 17:35. No buses. Tomorrow, it seems that everyone else caught the bus as usual, confirming that there were indeed, 3 buses that arrived between the time frame of 17:00-17:20 and saw no-one waiting. Just my luck.

A few street names changed as well, and thanks to that I took a wrong turn. I'm just glad I'm still back in one piece at this point.

Anyhow, my abilities have been pretty non-existent recently. I also blame the reality accident. The FOR(Fabric of Reality) is thicker than usual; I can barely see through it. Everyone's auras feel washed out, and any Concept I get is like a tissue that's been through the washing machine, crumpled, weak and faded. Oh well. At least it also eliminated some of the negative side effects- my soul has never felt so loose.

I wonder how other seers are coping. Perhaps I'll ask my dad, he's good with this stuff.

I'm too tired to write more today, sorry. I'll be a bit more detailed tomorrow.

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