Skid McAllister

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9/3/2019 9:38pm

So the school nurse got in there and started poking around.

“Well I see some pretty gnarly honkers in there, but nothing that really needs to come out.”

A cloud of bats flew out of my nose.

“Just releasing a mild bit of internal pressure.”

The nurse did all the basic spirit invasion tests, thumbing through the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Known Exorcism Vectors and pausing here and there to chant a few lines or sprinkle some unguents on me.

“I don’t see anything that would be generating a smell like the one you’re describing. Have you changed shampoos recently?”

I could tell this wasn’t going anywhere.

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8/30/2019 5:45pm

Now I’m smelling that weird sweet cakey burnt fish smell other places. Like in the library, or even outside. Is it me? Is it stuck in my nose or something? Maybe I should see the school nurse. It’s been awhile since my last exorcism.

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Weird Dorm Smell
8/24/2019 8:26pm

Does anybody else have a weird smell in their dorm room? My roommate doesn't smell it and the RA can't smell it so they don't believe me. It's like lemon cake, but sweet. And creamy. Or like somebody cooked fish in the microwave and then had cake. If anybody else is smelling it please let me know.