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- 10/21/2019 8:16pm

Regarding the Reality Accident,

Sucks. Really really sucks. I was temporarily erased from everyone else's reality, and missed my bus. I got to the bus stop at 17:15, waited alone until 17:35. No buses. Tomorrow, it seems that everyone else caught the bus as usual, confirming that there were indeed, 3 buses that arrived between the time frame of 17:00-17:20 and saw no-one waiting. Just my luck.

A few street names changed as well, and thanks to that I took a wrong turn. I'm just glad I'm still back in one piece at this point.

Anyhow, my abilities have been pretty non-existent recently. I also blame the reality accident. The FOR(Fabric of Reality) is thicker than usual; I can barely see through it. Everyone's auras feel washed out, and any Concept I get is like a tissue that's been through the washing machine, crumpled, weak and faded. Oh well. At least it also eliminated some of the negative side effects- my soul has never felt so loose.

I wonder how other seers are coping. Perhaps I'll ask my dad, he's good with this stuff.

I'm too tired to write more today, sorry. I'll be a bit more detailed tomorrow.

- 11/26/2019 2:51pm

I've been really out of touch these past months. I think it's because of the reality accident. Since then, I haven't been able to activate my powers, it's all a mess. My body has also rejected being anything other than injured or sick. Not sure how long this'll go on for.

Reality isn't visible to me right now- it blinks on and off like a broken flashlight. Piercing the Fabric of Reality in this state is impossible. No magic tricks for me. :(

I'm not that used to not knowing what's going on through the fabric. It really irks me, I feel quite ignorant. Some days I wake up with antlers and pink hair, like some dumb anime protagonist who falls in love with 5 guys, playing the Bella Swan card. I will never understand how 11 year old me tolerated that. Oh wait, 11 year old me hated that too. I wish they'd go away but they never do until I forget they're there.

Everything is tiring and when I wake up the world spins. I wish this would go away soon. I've tried everything my dad told me to do but nothing seems to work. There's only one thing left for me to try. I never thought I'd have to do this but this is my only choice other than waiting uncertainly for it all to go back to normal. It's a spell. An occult spell I learnt in the nether dimension, and I'll need some help.

Anyone got any spare cat eyes laying around?

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