The Horrific Makeover Crusade

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- 8/2/2015 6:11pm

Make up ? What make up? I haven't experienced any of this 'Mattie's gone crazy she's doing things with make up' business! Although I mean, that does sound like something Mattie would do... Well I mean, I don't EXACTLY understand what she has done! I mean I know what she's done but why is it such a calamity??
And I must say, as much as I love Mattie, I think she may have gone a little tooo far with the uh, you know what I mean. I know she wants everyone to be beautiful but I mean hey! You need to respect people's choices to be ugly, I mean, be themselves!

I read @Gretel's prophecy. AND I read what @Scilph had to say. I-I think I understand now? I meean okay, it's still a bit hazy. I get the gist of it all though! (I think?) Is there something I'm not getting about all this?
Maybe I'm just not smart enough for all this... No no! I'll learn! Yeah and I'll help everyone out! I know that @Matching by Mattie has gone mad and she's creating dimensions and covering people in make up and fashionable clothes and it's bad and... I don't understand that part. (She's becoming Fortuna??)

Oh but isn't there a party tonight! I'm thinking of going for a 'classy and casual' look. Sooo, I'll wear this top... With this jacket anddd these shoes. I've even got this hat! *Places bowler hat perfectly on head* *Winks* They say a hat can make or break an outfit hahah!! Oh and I'll make sure to put extra charms on this outfit, you know so I don't get it messed up if anything bad happens later... I don't know it that will be the case or not but you know, you've gotta think ahead.

- 8/2/2015 6:17pm

Dear Somebody,
I still smell like perfume. Obsessionelle ventilature fille, to be precise. EVERYONE does. I've managed to prevent myself from blacking out by wearing a gas mask. It's one of the few items of clothing I have left. That, and my hydra-leather jacket (which is dragon-fire proof). Also, my favorite pair of lucky hip-waders from a fishing trip in Botswana. But still. The results of the Makeover Crusade are terrifying to behold. Thankfully I'm invisible and I've managed to avoid most of Mattie's products except the perfume. I have a tad bit of "dusty mornings" @Matching by Mattie brand eye shadow smeared on as well.

I heard there's a party tonight! I can't wait to go. Mattie even gave me this purple and green leopard print dress. It's not exactly my taste, but it matches my hair. I think. So it's ok. I guess. Plus @Walls and @Kristopher and everyone else will be there!

In other news, Claude just came by with Eralonia. Apparently I'm needed for something. Something Nobody can do. *smiles shyly but proudly* We stopped by my room to get something before going off to search for Mattie. Thankfully she wasn't in the room. I'm not sure how she would have reacted if she'd seen me getting the Psychic Makeup Wipes she had me lock in a safe and hide under my bed. I think she thought I threw away the key.

We just entered the cafeteria and Eralonia said Mattie is close by, so I'd better go.

Farewell for now,

- 8/2/2015 6:56pm


*giggles* Sorry! Didn't mean to shout so loud, I just wanted to make a cool entrance! Plus, I'm so excited that I came back to school! See? I promised all my besties that I'd come back in the fall! Hiiiiii besties! *jumps up and down and waves* I'm on my way to @Scilphy's party right now! I haven't seen Scilphy and her pretty long hair in an eternity!! This will be so much fun! I can see all my old friends again!!! And new friends of course! Hiya @Kristopher! I'm Atlantica! I'm a twin, I can control good luck, I bake a mean batch of cupcakes, and we're going to be besties forever I'm sure! Ah, this is going to be such the hug fest!!!!!!! I'll bring some croissants!!!

Oh, speaking of my twin, @Pacifica is still back home in Chicago for a little bit! Our parents are still shaken up about her gibberish episodes, and they want her to stay home until they stop completely!! We weren't due back until school resumes anyway, but I heard there was a party and I couldn't resist seeing all my bestest best besties! *cyber hug!*

Hey, why is my closet glowing? Is there a closet troll in there? Does he want to be friends?!?!?! *throws open closet* *screams and slams shut closet* Okay! Not a troll! Just eyeball-searing light and the formation of a new universe! Great! I'm in intense pain! I'm going to go in the bathroom and try to use my emergency eyedrops! See you all at the party!!!!!!!!!!

*sound of screaming and fighting is heard from cafeteria 7*
Huh? That doesn't sound good... that sounds GREAT! The party is starting early! I hope everyone is having fun!
*recieves a subliminal message from Mattie*
Weird! I really don't want to remove any make-up! And I want to take a nap! *swoons and almost passes out* But no time for that, judging by the screams, I should head toward the party now! Here I come everybody! Attie's back in town!!!!!

- 8/2/2015 7:06pm

~Very sorry about the confusion, @Kristopher. I will explain everything later. And I'll bet you're also confused about the entire "Mattie being my cousin" thing, as I am a 3-foot tall white cat that walks around on her hind legs in adorable dresses... I'll clear this up soon enough. Anyway, I need any type of seamstress we can get to come up to Dorm 667... bring your own needles and thread. We will be sewing some Psychic Makeup Wipes together. Please come before 7:30. Also, everyone, wear any garment of clothing that Mattie has given you. (I know it might be extremely fugly and smells like chocolate and cheap perfume, but bear with me. Would you rather wear that or be naked? )~

~Now, only Nobody do what needs to be done. We will all help cure the rest of the school, but only Nobody can cure Mattie. I do not know how, but... do what you can, Nobody. I believe in you. Just... just be yourself.~

("Alright. Do you have any sprinkles?")

~I have a couple of Sour Salmon ones. They're in the pantry.~

("Thanks. I forgot to bring some with me...") *footsteps*

=Feh... got any Kitty Treats? I'm hungry. I snack a lot before impending doom.=

~Sure, Claude. Also in the pantry.~

=Thanks.= *footsteps*


~It won't be an apocalypse. Think she'll like your hair-- AH.~


~I think we should be more worried about the dimension growing in her closet.~

UWAH! I-I will alert the Nurses!

~Mattie started early... which means we have to start early. SEAMSTRESSES, SEW FASTER! WE HAVE A DIMENSION TO DESTROY!~


- 8/2/2015 7:23pm


Also do I have to wear some of Mattie's clothing? I don't have any... I keep my wardrobe VERY well guarded and it didn't seem to be affected by Mattie's universe thingy!

ALSO AGAIN, Hello @*Atlantica*, I would lovve to introduce myself but I'm really rushing to get to Dorm 667. Basically I am the handsome room mate of @Walls and in another other life I was know as @slug master. I can assure you I am a MILLION times better than that guy though and a million times more handsome! *Laughs and winks*
Oh yeah and speaking of @Walls, he's having one of his 'I've watched too much sci-fi' naps. Those are even longer than his 'Stop talking to me about anime' naps (And those naps are pretty long!) I have a feeling he might not be around tonight... But if he was I'm sure he'd do something heroic!!

- 8/2/2015 7:31pm

{Status Update: Still outside. Not allowed to come in. I know about everything that's going on... But I can't come int because I'm still dripping makeup. Oh well. At least I'm here with Blackie. After all this, I really need to say hi to Atlantica...}




Matching by Mattie
- 8/3/2015 8:27am

Hi my fellow students. *avoids eye contact* In response to many inquiries, yes, Mattie's Magnificent Walk-In Closet and the possessed makeup bathrooms are going to be disposed of. I'm working through the process as I type. "Matching by Mattie" formally apologizes for trying to forcibly fashion-ize the student body, and hopes that this won't discourage you from pursuing your true love with the aid of our love-based products. However, you won't be able to purchase these products for a while... because Psyhigh staff has shut down "Matching by Mattie". I'm on probation, and all my extracurricular activites are suspended until it's decided if I'm allowed to stay at school or be expelled. Hopefully I can play the part of a nice, humble, average student long enough to regain my beloved organization/business. Until then... I guess I just have to memorize my class schedule and keep my head down.

Thank you to Eralonia, Nobody, Scilph, Atlantica, Kristopher, and Gretel for talking me back from the edge. I guess I inherited some of my Great-Aunt Fortuna's crazy. I'm staying away from makeup for now... mainly because the products I was using were from Forever Diner. I couldn't help myself! Great-Aunt Fortuna looked so fab! And she just left her purse on the table unguarded! I wanted to see how her products worked on me! And once you start using other dimensional makeup... it's hard to stop. *sigh* At least it's all gone now. Remember everyone, stop by classroom 375 for the last day we're open. Everything must go. Except my Whisperfly, keep your grubby hands off her.

Oh, and Eralonia, you are NOT the older cousin! I am! Because... becuase I've got more understanding and experience in this world than you! So there! Hmph!

With regret,


- 8/3/2015 9:00am

*sigh* I'm glad this is over... Mattie? You took some of Fortuna's makeup? Aaaah, I should have figured. Well, it is good that you have learned your lesson. You truly are the bigger person, and I admire that.


Uwaah! Calm down, Eralonia! She has learned!

~*mumble* I don't think YOU know about over 4,162 dimensions, do you? No...~ *walks away*

Any-the-ways... we were able to clean up Morris, and he can come inside now.


Blackie as well. *excited woofing* Who's a good Box? YOU are! YOU are! I am going to take him for a walk. Before I leave, good job to Nobody for making it happen. I believe you have accomplished what you were meant to do well. Although... I wonder why it was you that was chosen? Maybe you are Mattie's closest friend, and someone she truly admires and loves to be around. Maybe you are someone she wants to impress, and make sure that she's noticed.

*crunch crunch* {Or she's just an attention hog.}


{You say "uwaah" a lot. And they're chips.}

It's how I scream. You say "Oi" frequently.

{Shush.} *crunch crunch* {Mhph, Scilph, check out this Journal entry. Gret liked the party.}

Wonderful! At least it was not a total disaster... maybe I will throw another one, a PROPER one... with the help of Atlantica, of course.

{*reading Journal entry* *mumble* That sounds like a cute top...}

What was that, Morris?


And I will also preform a duet with @Gretel! I will play the ukelele, and eat Green Tea Pocky, drink cold Green Tea smoothies, and we will have a wonderful time~! But I will hold it somewhere else.


Remember when we had the picnic under the big Willow tree?

{Oh, Yeah. The Twisty Tree. It laughs sometimes.}

Yes! I will hold it there! Oh, I am excited! I will invite EVERYONE!

{Alright. I'll help you prepare... I wonder how @*Atlantica* will react to your hair.}

...Ah.. I will just grit my teeth and hope for the best. Pixie cuts are nice... right? I will wear my rose flower crown!


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