Psychic Thought Balloon Fest

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Cordell Leak
- 9/23/2019 9:11pm

I'm surprised that it's the right time of year for a hot air balloon festival.

And wasn't it spooky to wake up and see them looming in the air here and there around campus?

They're so big.

Is this an annual thing at Psyhigh? Can we take rides?

sophie blanchard
- 9/27/2019 7:04pm

The balloons don't seem to move. They just float there in the air.

I organized the Cheer Squad from Cylindrical Dorm to cheer them on. We got up early and lined up along the service roads in the chilly morning fog and waved our pompoms on sticks and cheered for the balloons. We wanted to welcome them. We wanted them to shower us with candy. We wanted them to touch down upon the ground and lift us up by our tiny arms and into their gondolas and take us for rides in the morning light.

But the balloons did not move. They remain there in the air. Floating still.

Erasmo Yoo
- 9/28/2019 6:37pm

I try not to think about the balloons. Otherwise all my thoughts just go up inside them.

Whatever you do, don't think about them. It will only make them larger and more brave and more habituated to human settlements.

sophie blanchard
- 10/4/2019 10:46am

It is easy to forget about the balloons. They become almost invisible through time. In fact, recent scientific studies show that the balloons don't actually migrate, but are always there, all year round, hovering ominously above us the whole time. We become blind to them, existentially ignoring them with every fiber of our being.

Except for this time of year. It's in the fall they say that the veil between worlds becomes thinnest, but the veil isn't between worlds--it's a veil of our own perception. It's when we allow ourselves to see what's really there. Perhaps it's a holiday for our minds--with all that energy we spend all year not seeing them, we have to give ourselves a little break, and let them through, once a year.

So take a good look now -- before we start hiding them from ourselves again.

Little Velma Littles
- 10/8/2019 9:49pm

Oh my goodness when they say STAY BACK 100 FEET from the visiting balloons there’s a reason!!! I mean you’ve seen the video of the guy getting gored by one and its pretty funny but when you’re my size and you get directly under one you can get sucked right up the vent hole! Sure I got bounced around a bit by the whirling blades but now I’m all floaty and gee what kind of gas did you say was in here?

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