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Rewriting Your Reflection
3/29/2016 10:23pm

A call to all students! Join the Reflection Liberation Front today!

The RLF needs your help. You've probably seen the the extremely large installation piece we've been building in the courtyard. We're down to the wire in completing construction, and that's where you come in.

Please donate all your reflective material to be a part of our Massive Mirrored Megalith, or MMM. Bring us your tin foil, compacts, hand mirrors, rear view mirrors from cars and trucks in the parking lot, bathroom mirrors from fast food restaurants, old aviator sun glasses - basically anything that reflects. Anything EXCEPT mirrors manufactured by the Seven Winds Mirror Factory.

Glass Warping Witches are standing by to apply your mirrored surfaces to our creation. The MMM must be completed before @Big Jim (and his Mirror World friends) finish their mapping project. With your help, we can free ourselves from the tyranny of their impending Image Prison.

We can't do it without you! Lend us your mirrors today!

Thank you.

Rewriting Your Reflection
3/23/2016 12:59pm

This "whole thing" with the reflections is NOT settled, @Miranda Ashdove. I think @miJ giB has made his intentions perfectly clear! What is this "templating" he describes? Obviously, once they get the Catalog of Body Movements totally uploaded into the Mirror World, they will OWN us on both sides.

Complacency is our greatest enemy. Don't believe that we're what you see in the mirror. They want us all to believe we're just these ants inside a giant machine, pushing buttons, going up stairs, sitting in chairs, rolling our big dung balls around. Don't stand for it! We are NOT what they've programmed our lives and bodies to be. We are more!

Starting today, every student needs to create a shrine to break themselves out of this psychic noose that's being closed around us. Pick a mirror, and around it place all the pictures of yourself you can find. Then gather all the surveillance video of yourself that you can (the library is helpful for that) and play it in screens around the mirror. When all of that is in place, spend 30 minutes a day in front of it, and soon you'll be able to step out of the Image Prison we're getting tricked into. Do it today!!!

Rewriting Your Reflection
3/21/2016 9:44am

I've been spending all my time looking in the mirror, and observing myself through surveillance cameras, old family photos, google earth, in the background of television news reports, reality shows...

I have come to the conclusion that I am not the person in the mirror, or on the screen. Which means I'm also not the person that's being reflected either. Or I'm both the person in the reflection and the person being reflected. Which means I'm not really either of them.

So while the Mirror World claims one part, and the Dean is claiming the other with the Catalog of Body Movements, where am I really?

DrEmos Unite
3/19/2016 11:09pm

how much is that doggie in the window, @Nick Gleason?
reflected in the glass she looks just like me.

is this the mirror world pet center?
she shakes her hair
i shake mine
we exchange money and take each other home.