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The No-Drip Streak-Free Mirror World (with Ammonia
8/2/2016 4:13pm

I am preparing my rucksack for an adventure in MIRROR JUNGLE LAND with my new friend @Luna! We took measurements to make sure I could get my Bat Wing AntlersĀ® through the teleportational mirror frame and THANK GOODNESS our tests confirmed that with minimal neck twisting I will be able to PASS THRU THE PORTAL. OH LORDY! AAAAAAMEN!

What to pack for a mirror jungle land adventure trip?

1) Giant Mosquito Repellent
2) Poison Ivy Repellent
3) Crocodile Repellent

I'm really not comfortable around wild things. But thought THE BUDDY SYSTEM IS ALWAYS BEST especially when exploring mirror portal adventure lands.

@Luna and I will have a BLAST we leave tonight!

8/1/2016 2:09pm

YASSSSSSS all i can say is that getting out of your @#$@%!! room is ABSOTUBALIVELY one of the best things you can do at psyhigh, @Elspeth. Sure some people, like me, have certain, uh, conditionioes that make it more difficult to get outside (im looking at you @Elspeth, and esepcially YOU @Lily Fox FOR GODS SAKE GET OUT OF THERE BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!!) but if you don't do it you run the risk of getting all shadow-bitten and small and pretty soon you get grown into your room like a bunky chair nobody wants.

Sure, the giant bat wings growing out of my head make it hard for me to get out of the room and the halls and the main doors but once i'm out MAN OH MAN is it delightful. If you've never felt the sun on yur leathery head-wings then I REALLY suggest it. Except I learned the hard way how important sun screen is on tender, under-exposed skin flaps.

HEY maybe we could all hook up with @Pepper Chrysanthemum and go on a hunt for @Luna's lost locket? Anybody any good at psychometry? Wait, no, psychic reading? For heaven's sake NOT PYROKINESIS!!! Oooof! Ouch, sorry there, turned my head a little too fast, guy. Poked you right in the eye with my wing tip. Apologies. Hey have you seen this pendant? It's about yea big, and has the word Quinn inscribed in it...

7/27/2016 5:18pm

Aye Imma hava trouble moving from room to room around here too, mucha like the @Eterna and the @Lily Fox. Its these big ol' bat wings of mine, coming right outta both sides of my head! Wish they folded up BUT THEY DON'T so getting through doorways is my point of shame. Instead I like to drape them in lace and silver ornaments so if you hear that tinkling like a chandelier you'll know who's coming down the hall. Just have turn... just... right... to get through these narrow doorways. There! Ooof! Ouch. Sorry about that.

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