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7/31/2016 11:32pm

I'm excited to start life here at Psychic High, but I could say that I'm a little bit nervous too.
I knew that this wouldn't be the same as my old school when enrolled, but everyone around me thought that I would fit in here. Now I'm wondering if that was supposed to be an insult? I'm not sure if I will be able to find a place among the others here. I've had a look through some journal entries and you all seem to know your way around here while I can't even read my map. Seriously, my eyes just will not focus on it. Is this a joke? Oh, well. I have my schedule, and I can always ask someone to show me around or something.
Well, either way, I guess the only way to get to know the place is to dive right in and start heading to classes. I hope they aren't too far from my dorm! Actually, why wait for class? I'm going to do a bit of exploring before I unpack my boxes. I'll try not to get lost. I'll bring the map, I guess.
Hopefully my first journal entry made a bit of sense. I'll write in again after I get my bearings.
- Elspeth