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8/23/2016 12:05am

If you mean warping reality, making illusions, and controlling what people see, then yes I think I have what you have @Bella. I was so afraid of the power I never looked at anybody. Not after I did it the first time.

I was babysitting, and the little boy wanted to play imaginary games. So I told him a story about the Mind Squids. And I told him about how you could see the Mind Squids, just at the edge of your vision, flesh-colored in the shadows, and as you looked at them more closely the more impossible it was to turn away, and you got closer and closer until the Mind Squids flung out their tentacles and grabbed your mind and riddled it with poison and needles and sucked you dry till they threw you aside like an empty coconut, or a broken egg.

It was horrifying.

His parents had to have him institutionalized, and I never took another babysitting job again.

Which is why I spend so much time looking at the in-between spaces--because I don't dare look at people and warp reality and make illusions and control what they see.

So if I don't make eye contact with you that is why.

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8/9/2016 2:58pm

You would never guess just how many pendants have been lost at Psychic High School over the years. Since @Randym Ayetwtch and I started looking for @Luna's lost locket, I have found enough antique and costume jewelry to open my own psychic Etsy store.

There is the Clockwork Heart Locket, which makes love last as long as the gears are lubricated. It appears to be frozen.

There is the Body Lock, that is big enough to lock two lovers chest to chest, to be near each other forever, and has no key. We have not identified the remains held in its embrace.

There is the Wormwood Wormhole Pendant, this one so poorly engineered that the clasp and cover have imploded and sucked the whole structure outside-in; a slowly rotating dimensional gyroscope.

Then there's the usual array of Eye of Agamottos, Pandora Pendants, Bracelets of the Aegis, and nine Crimson Bands of Cyttorak. I've got them all strung up on yarn in my room. So far no pendant with a silver lining, red gem, tan string, inscribed with Quinn. But we'll keep looking!

8/1/2016 2:23pm

Yes, @Randym Ayetwtch, I think that seems like a perfectly wonderful thing to do! The weather is so nice, and I've already learned my way around enough to feel safe.

Oh! @Eterna! I'll wrap @Randym Ayetwtch's antler-wings with my yarn. I'll dance around him like a maypole so you can see us from your window then come out and join us! Just come on outside! It's perfectly safe! Nothing could possibly go wrong!

Ow! Ok don't dance too close to @Randym Ayetwtch's antler-wing-tips.

7/28/2016 11:06pm

I moved into the dorms this summer so I'd have plenty of time to get to know campus before school starts in the fall. I get disoriented easily. If I don't "know" a place really well then I get lost in the in-between spaces - which is the land in the places between places.

Until I know my way around, I will definitely use the yarn method (#5 in @Big Jim's list of helpful hints), because I came to this school to learn how not to get lost in the Inbetween.


It's too easy not to find your way back.

Thank you Psyhigh! And if you see my yarn string please don't cut it.