Marian Day

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Extrasensory Archery Club
7/19/2020 8:13pm

Troop 227 of the Junior Psychic Rangers lost a trooper today, and I’m sad to say it was our newest recruit — @CallMeEm. As Triskaidexter of our unit, I take full responsibility for putting her in a position she wasn’t fully prepared for.

While measuring the perimeter of the GAB manifold, Trooper Em’s lifeline lost connection and she was pulled within the event horizon.

I have offered my resignation as Triskaidexter (now just Dodecaxter), but it has been denied by the troop.

Full Psychic Ranger Rites will be performed for Trooper Em tonight at the lodge treehouse. All are welcome to attend, though outsiders will be blindfolded for the Revealing of Mysteries portion of the service.

May the Eagle’s Eye be with you, @CallMeEm.

Extrasensory Archery Club
4/25/2020 12:47pm

Extrasensory Archery got moved to 4pm today, @CallMeEm, since the arrows were misbehaving and they all ran off so we're in the woods collecting them now. But come by the field by the Old Corral at 4 and we'll be all set up!