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New Year, New You
12/26/2016 10:21pm

Oh my, a new year is dawning and I have come to quite a terrifying realisation: I have absolutely no clue what year it shall be!

If somebody would be so kind as to clarify that for me I would be extremely grateful, but it seems as though I have no friends to ask. However, I did indeed overhear the possibility of a 'New Year's Party,' whatever that would involve. @Big Jim, are the festivities going ahead?

I feel it would be an acceptable time to befriend fellow classmates of this era and discover the answer to which year we are approaching.

11/25/2016 8:03pm

Oh, why am I here?

I had been minding my own business on a serene day, and I seem to have awaken somewhere entirely different! I read the sign at the front of the building, which is like nothing I have ever seen before, and it introduced this place as "Psychic High School." I have no idea what that is!

The last thing I remember was sitting next to Henry, the prince I am betrothed to. It was 26 November, 1806. I was just 15 years of age. I know I had a power, telepathy, as did Henry. This allowed us to secretly communicate with one another.

Now I am in a foreign land with nobody I know. Certainly not fit for a princess!

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