Blu Pepper

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Fitting In
2/7/2017 7:46pm

Even though this school is meant for those who have never fit in, I am still ostracized from my peers. Not because they aren't kind (on the contrary, most go out of their way to help), but because my "psychic" abilities are different and downright strange. If I focus, I can hear the faint whispers of nature; trees and flowers sing melodic tunes in a language I cannot comprehend, but it feels as though they are trying to tell me something important. Also, I discovered that I can heal with a brush of my fingers. My legs do not always respond correctly as I'm still not used to them, so I typically have an array of cuts and bruises on my legs. When I'm nervous, I tend to run the tips of my fingers across whatever surface is nearest, and I began to notice that my ailments would miraculously disappear afterwards.

I also differ physically. My eyes change match whatever body of water is nearest to me and can range from a crystalline aqua to unsettling greenish-blue, and I have noticed two abrasions on my back. My skin seems to shimmer at inconvenient times, and most of my features are outrageously dainty and don't look like they belong. In my short time spent in my new life, I have discovered so much about myself, but my origins still remain a mystery. I am starting to wonder if I truly belong here at all.

The House of Pie and Chocolate Syrup
11/27/2016 6:07pm

I don't remember anything. Not even my name; the tag on my sweater says Blu Pepper, so I'm hoping it might be somewhat representative of who I am. In all probability, however, it is just a brand name.

When I woke up, the world was upside-down. Despite my initial assumption that I had died and been resurrected on the other side of the Earth's crust, it turns out I was hanging by my ankles from an old oak tree. Apparently, the self-I-can't-remember enjoyed that practice. For my current self, however, it only offers a splitting headache.

Something about this world just doesn't feel right. I can't articulate any specifics, but I can sense in the very core of my being that I don't belong here. Hopefully, I can find my place here at PsyHigh, a school that caters to people like me who just don't seem to fit in anywhere.