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8/17/2018 9:49pm

From the instructions that came with the 4D gun from the future:

The lens must have an unimpeded view of the 180 degree target area. Make sure the legs of the mount are out of the way of all foot traffic, and that the unit will not be removed by maintenance or security workers in the area, as it can take some time until the Minkowski lines are triggered and the 4D gun fires.

When the unit has been activated and you've captured a 4D entity in your trap, you'll receive an alert on your phone. Follow all included safety recommendations when viewing the entity (see appendix 2a), and always check your magnetic Klein bottle for ruptures between uses.

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8/13/2018 5:06pm

The bus stop near my house must be a "thin place." That's what D'rp D'rp Gblrpbl says. And it's getting thinner and thinner.

"Thinner and thinner," he says. "Entropy is what it is. Just like how that worn spot on your jeans isn't getting any less worn, or a glass of milk can't unspill itself."

This morning I was waiting to get on the bus and people were getting off. There were four people, all different types. But each one had a word for me as they passed.





What does it mean?

"No use cryin'," says D'rp D'rp Gblrpbl.

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8/7/2018 6:27pm

"You had a reverse Schrödinger.”

That’s what D'rp D'rp Gblrpbl told me. He’s the Fish King in exile. He’s hundreds of years old, and kind of lonely. He teaches swimming at the school.

I was telling him how I walked to the bus stop and then watched the bus drive right by me. Because I wasn’t at the bus stop. The real bus stop was down the street. So why was I standing there?

“Was there a coil involved?”

On my way to the bus a guy stopped me and asked if there was a place he could buy a coil nearby. I told him I didn’t know, but my mom’s car was in the shop because it needed a new one.

“You’re sensitive to these things,” D'rp D'rp Gblrpbl went on. “Your mind was on one reality, but your body was in another. Body won.”

But what did coils have to do with it?

Anyway, I put it on the map.

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8/3/2018 6:40pm

I’ve made a map from my Schrödinger's Journal—and put it on the school’s LIMINAL server so you can check it out and add to it if you want. I want to see if there are patterns where these “clues” appear. Are there places where things are more likely to change? Or places where I’m more likely to notice that something changed? Is reality “weaker” in some places? Post your own on the map and let’s find out!

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7/30/2018 10:43pm

Excerpts from my Schrödinger's Journal:

Best friend's hair is different. Friend says it's always been that way.

The old dusty car parked across the street was maroon. Now it's black, with flames painted on it. Still dusty.

@909seqoia909's teeth are noticeably smaller.

The alphabet now has only 26 letters.

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7/28/2018 4:38pm

Leaf, shadow, or moth? I just went through three phases of reality deciding which one it’s going to be. After the dots appearing on the sidewalk, I’m keeping a Schrödinger's Journal of the subtle reality shifts. I saw the dried up leaf on the tip of a plant next to the fence and could have kept on going, but when I decided to look harder it was clear it was just a shadow. I could have kept on going but when I reached out to touch it it flit away. The closer you look at things the more you shift your reality. But are they just random, lateral shifts, or is each one closer to a deeper reality? Obviously intentionality plays a role in the viewpoint of the observer.

Meanwhile there’s posters up for the Evil Scene Kids Rave tonight, but pastel polo shirts with fishnet tops and leather pants just aren’t my thing.

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7/26/2018 10:28am

Woke up today and everything was a little bit different. Ok no only one thing was different—there’s a formation of dots pressed into the cement of the sidewalk that wasn’t there before I swear. It’s like six dots on a domino, but isn’t new!! There’s like dirt and moss on it. What is up with that??!

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7/15/2018 9:53pm

The most useful thing I've learned in class is to imagine yourself in different costumes when you're in different situations. So during my day, some people get the full mechanized armor costume, some people get the Green Man™ welcoming tree person costume, but most people get the Brazil Carnival Samba costume.

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