Spring Activities Committee

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Rosy Predictions
- 5/6/2020 7:55pm

I would be interested in a fielding event, where we go out in the fields and catalogue the various creatures and entities we find flitting about.

While we study all manner of psychic fauna in class, I would love to explore the grounds and see what we can discover “in the wild.”

Let’s go with us, shall we?

Glem FS
- 5/5/2020 6:54pm

I'm always up for a bit of psychic gaming!

Hey @Duncan, ever play Old Maid with a Tarot Deck? I like to play Black Phillip style. Up for a game at your club this week?

Ms. Hazeltine
- 5/2/2020 2:06pm

I certainly enjoyed getting a bit of fresh air with the Extrasensory Archery Club this morning! Did I mention I went to state finals in E.A. when I was your age?

Anyway, even though the traction cage still limits my movements a great deal, I was still able to guide the arrow through the forest, across the yard, into the Spoonbender, and pierce the apple on top of @Marian Day's head. Yes I've still got it!

- 4/28/2020 11:39am

Well for Gaming club we were playing battleships. It was fun until a rouge torpido nearly blew me up. I do not recommend this game unless you have a strong control of your telekinetic abilities. Same with Stratego, the bombs are very touchy.

Bailey Kahn
- 4/28/2020 11:07am

Hey guys! Mind baking was so fun, everyone should really comenext monday! We made chocolate chip cookies, and they were soo good. However, ever since then I've been left with the feeling of charcoal in my mouth, and a weird burning feeling in my head. Can anyone explain this?

- 4/26/2020 5:16am

Do my homework

Ms. Hazeltine
- 4/25/2020 6:52pm

Signups for Psychic Swim Team are in the Grotto, @CallMeEm. Just swim down to the bottom of the deep end of the pool in the Psyquatics Center and open the rusty hatch with the steering wheel thingie. Swim a bit farther and you'll pop right up in the swim team office.

Mind Baking 101 this Monday at 3pm in the Domestic Madness Home Ec Lab, @Bailey Kahn. The best chocolate chip cookies in nine dimensions. If I'm out of traction I'll see you there!


A. Hazeltine
Student Activities Coordinator

Marian Day
- 4/25/2020 12:47pm

Extrasensory Archery got moved to 4pm today, @CallMeEm, since the arrows were misbehaving and they all ran off so we're in the woods collecting them now. But come by the field by the Old Corral at 4 and we'll be all set up!

- 4/25/2020 10:57am

Hello! So, does anyone know where I can sign up for the archery team and the swim team? I'm new here, so an orientation might be nice too. Thanks!

Bailey Kahn
- 4/24/2020 8:47am

Hey guys! I recently have taken in an interest in mind baking, and would love to join the team. Does anyone know how to? I asked Mr. Toad and he just croaked at me. Is anyone on the team? Thanks!

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