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- 8/5/2017 8:54am

Picked up my schedule last night when the stars of Scientia, Occultus, and Spiritus aligned, aka one of the only time the doors to the Student Records Archives open to those of us who aren't paperwork golems. Of course, Scientia, Occultus, and Spiritus aren't REALLY stars -- just artificial ones created by the school as a marker of events like this -- but it's easier to say "stars" than use the official twenty-six syllable term for them.

Schedule pick up is always kind of a mess. People are so bossy and rude to the golems, just because they weren't made with emotions. Everyone acts like they're the only person who matters, and that their schedule needs to be perfect right now, and they need a special meeting with the counselors about this class, and that it's not fair that they have to have Mr. Swamp Monster as a teacher again, and blah blah blah.

(And for the record, Mr. S is a good teacher. As long as you have bug spray and something to block out the smell of swamp, it isn't even a big deal. Chill out guys.)

My schedule had a mistake, and I was put in Abstract Dissections instead of Intro to Levitation. It's not a big deal though, because I kind of took Levitation as a senior blow-off class. Ya know, for fun. But now I don't know if I want to switch back or keep Abstract Dissections. I mean, it could be interesting. I hear that first semester, you get to dissect a phobia -- and not just some old childhood fear kept preserved in a pickle jar, but a freshly captured from one of the Fear Traps in the school's forest! I hear those ones are feisty.

Dr Krimsborg, DPM
- 8/5/2017 9:24am

I highly recommend against Abstract Dissections, Klarya, unless you are looking at going into research. It's a necessary course for the Psymed Program - needed in order to go onto anything in psychic medicine, including being a Psychic Medic like myself. As I recall it's recommended for a variety of other courses, but for the stress of the subject it just isn't worth it.

Phobia dissection occurs, yes, but so also does DDD Dissection. No I'm not stuttering, the DDD Dissection is a dissection of a creature called the Deepest Darkest Demon. That makes phobias from the school traps look like wood panelled meditation rooms. You may know about the DDD from your Intro to Dark Psykers classes back in freshman year. I have to provide Calming Bells for that class nowadays as the anxiety can crush new students.

In my opinion I would stick to your original class. I still remember some of the dissections I did for my original qualification 750 years ago. And I wish I didn't.

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