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12/6/2017 8:39pm

Aaaaaaand acceptance letter number two! Ha ha! Success! Wise Lee Ann University -- the one located in the Midwest -- just contacted me via the agreed omens! I've never been so happy to see-- er, oops, almost said too much. Then again, when don't I? One of these days I'll figure out how to make a short, concise post. Just for you. Promise. ...Probably.

Positivity Club has an early morning meeting tomorrow, not looking forward to that. But we've selected a pair of underclassmen to indoctrinate into the organization, and we need the first rays of sunlight to properly bind everything. Our Historian is really excited because one of them is an empath. To be honest, I've always felt kinda bad for empaths. They have to go through life not only dealing with their own emotions, but also absorbing the emotions of anyone around them. It's like your intended role in the universe is basically to sponge up all the crazy passions the rest of humanity stirs up and lets boil over. Yeah, yeah, I know there's a lot more to being empathetic than that. Especially those that follow the path of the healer. All I'm saying is that I wouldn't last a day in that position. I can barely handle my own emotions, how do these kids cope with an entire classroom's worth every school day???

Anyway, after the indoctrination Positivity Club wants to get down to business about some disrupted positive aura cleansing patterns around the south west part of campus. At first I thought it was the Spacer Club with their WiFi Tea again (it always seems to cause a point of discontinuity for aura patterns 15 and 3-subsetB), but based on the graphed behaviors Myuri showed me, well, it just doesn't match that. So I guess we have to investigate that. Shame that it's a positive aura cleansing pattern -- it means we can't really procrastinate action. If the aura cleansing patterns get backed up too long, it puts everyone off. We'd need every empath on campus to properly dispose of the build-up. And with the new population of @Bimpliboos, we really have to be wary of how high we let certain energies concentrate. Those tiny bodies pick up on the altering levels much faster than humans/humanoids.

I don't really feel like sleeping. Maybe I'll grab a soda and go on the roof, chart out some of the other patterns, document the flow of Alpha Hope-Winter Tide. It'll be receding now that the Super Moon is over, but that doesn't mean it's devoid of interest to me or my clubbies. Besides, when's the last time I just sat and Saw? Maybe I'll bring May up with me. She won't See, not without Other Eyes, but I think she'd be able to appreciate the Feel.

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12/2/2017 10:39pm

Nothing happened 9pm Thursday. I'm rather disappointed. My roommate pointed out that just because nothing happened near me doesn't mean nothing happened at ALL, but if I include the whole world in the prediction doesn't that just leave it open to coincidence? Oh well. Sometimes a dream is just a dream I suppose.

Remember how I signed up for the Student Volunteer Brigade, back in like May? We've been doing other projects throughout the year, if you hadn't noticed. Refereeing the JV Speed Dream Interpretation matches, doing mural restorations around campus, escorting visiting alumni around... it's actually kind of fun. I met one alumnus who was a Romani. Among the other passive psychic skills of his clan, he was really strong in the evocation of curses or blessings. He had quite a few entertaining stories of when he was at school here, let me tell ya.

Oh, anyway, so the Student Volunteer Brigade picked up a new project through the Guidance Office(s). They match each volunteer with a younger student having trouble adjusting, and we meet up with them to like provide support or advice and stuff. It's not a perfect process yet -- my friend Hurggor's "buddy" tried to possess him and was removed from the program -- but we're working on it! Gotta stay positive, right?

My "buddy" is a nervous little sophomore from Kansas. Apparently she's been having anxiety issues, which have been compounded by her strengthening ability and the switch to a boarding school. Poor thing, May can see what she calls "Critical Choices". It's kind of like when you're playing a video game, and there's a specific event or choice of options that will change the game's storyline based on how you react. Only, in video games it's easy to reload your last save and choose differently. In real life, there's (usually) not a quick-save option.

So May's been hiding in her dorm room a lot, overwhelmed by all the Critical Choices that are present. May says that at home, she could get her parents or friends to pause and consider the options when a Critical Choice occurred. But here, she's too shy to assert herself and bring attention to the gravity of the situations happening, and when people choose in a way that she can see/feel ends badly it makes her feel super guilty. This is where I come in. I'm supposed to help her cope with the high frequency of Critical Choices here (high school has a LOT of decision making after all) and come to terms with the fact that sometimes people choose wrong, and that's their own path. ...Not too sure HOW I'm going to help her reach those ideals, but I've got some ideas. For now, I just visit with her, make sure she's been going to most of her classes, be a friendly face she can count on.

Usually this is the point where I make some silly comment like "this'll look GREAT on a college application!" And I will admit, I did join this project with that in mind. But I don't hang out with May to check off a community service requirement -- I honestly think this is an important project that's going to help kids like her adjust better and "enjoy their education experience" (or at least as much as anyone enjoys high school). There's something really nice about finding a cause that you can wholeheartedly get behind and contribute to. I want to be a good "buddy" to May. Here's hoping I'm a good influence.

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11/28/2017 8:42pm

So, if y'all underclassmen take AP Literature senior year, you'll probably end up reading the tragic play Macbeth. It's alright I suppose. I preferred Hamlet to be honest -- it had more unexpectedness and gray areas. And the Macbeths are just kind of awful people in general. It was hard (for me at least) to be invested in their story.

But who reads Macbeth for Macbeth? Obviously, our class's focus was on the Weïrd Sisters! Now those were interesting characters! Famous witches in the time of Witch-Hunter King James VI and I, proud and unafraid of persecution. Masters of apparition, sooth saying, and communal with Spiritual Plane 8 beings... and that's just what we "see" them do. Who knows what else they were capable of off-screen!

Ms. Lybis is using the Weïrd Sisters as part of our unit on "Psychic-Nonpsychic Relations". Exploring how our abilities and etc. can affect relationships, realities, and futures of others. I suppose it's a good thing to learn about. You can really ruin someone's life by telling them about their life. Just look at the Macbeths! But if we take the path of the recluse, that's no good either. Psychics are here for a reason after all. Remember the story of Gerndæ? Bet you haven't, because she chose to quit being a mankind-nature intermediate and be a hermit. You know what happened because she wasn't around to communicate the shifts in nature's disposition? The-- er, wait, I don't want to spoil that for any sophomores reading this. You learn about that second semester. It's more suspenseful if you don't know what's coming. Just trust me on this.

While I won't spoil that, I will share a premonition I had during my dreams last night. My sleep has been very lively lately, it's kind of unnerving. I'm usually more about Seeing the Now, not the Soon or Later. But this dream was adamant; it was a disembodied chant of "18 hours, 2 days". When I woke up I checked my GROTTO bed settings to make sure I hadn't turned on the Subliminal Reminder settings on accident, but far as I can see or See that dream wasn't artificial, just supernatural. It was about 3am when I went to sleep (don't ask) so... let's see... Thursday, around 9 o'clock. Something may happen. Or fail to happen. Or miss the chance to be. Who's to say, besides a dream?

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11/25/2017 7:01pm


Yes! Yes yes yes yesyesyesyesyes! Guess who just got a college acceptance letter? ...besides Eddgarion. Ugh, can you believe he's already gotten three acceptances? Lucky stiff. He's pretty smart though, so I'm not surprised. I just hope whichever he attends understands exactly who they accepted.

OH! Heh, did I get sidetracked already? Yikes. SO, yes, I got the letter from Augustine School of Mathemathici saying I was accepted, AND I got two merit-based scholarships -- no essay writing required THANK GOODNESS. At first I was worried it was a scam, but I checked and the school emblem did indeed absorb black light, so it's the real deal. Ah! I'm so pumped!

When I first got it I of course called up my mother in the Whispering Ponds, and you know what, my Other Eyes had snapped wide open or something because I could see her aura clearer than I've ever been able to before. I forgot that I could even See that category of energy. She's got a subtle, pretty one... kind of like a fuchsia-red lava lamp, but one that's still pretty cold and sluggish. My brother's home for the weekend so he stopped by to chat as well, and his was really cool. It's... hm... it'd be easier to draw it. But, like, lime(?) green rays of light with orange bubbles trailing out from him... like... like the little ones that zip up the sides of a glass of soda. You know? It was so cool. Darn, I should've looked in my mirror while I was still seeing that. Can you believe I'm 18 and I still haven't seen my own aura? But hey, I was so excited! How was I supposed to focus?! I got a letter!!!

Okay, okay, moment of sobriety. As my mother always says, "You don't have to go to the dance with the first boy who asks." I still have four other applications floating out there, so there's no need to be hasty and perform the undergraduate soul-binding ritual JUST this second. There's no harm in waiting to see what my options are. The cyclamen I bought for the ritual should stay fresh until May after all.

But do you know what this means?? Barring any life-altering events I'm almost absolutely going to be in college next fall! I'm going to be in college! It isn't just an idea, just a dream-- this letter makes it an anchored possible course of this timeline! I know that it's been in the tea leaves for me for MONTHS, but having the actual acceptance makes it feel more... true? I don't know.

Are you guys proud of me?

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11/17/2017 9:16pm

Whoo, the student journalism team put out another paper today! I love reading these things, reminds me that there's more happening in the school than just the things I'm part of. Like, did you know we have a Rainbow Generation team? Or that the kitchen spirit in the cafeteria had its 240th anniversary of dwelling on the premises? Oh, or look at this, apparently the Prophecy, Omens, and Time-Travel (POTT) building has sunk a total of 13 inches into the ground since 1st semester began... I swear, it's like I'm walking around this place without seeing anything around me.

...which is actually usually true, seeing as I've gotten into the habit of reading while walking between buildings/classes... but even if my face is buried in a book, my Other Eyes pick up on any obstacles. Most of the time. So it's okay, it's all cool.

Uh, anyways, if you look at page 6 of the paper, a project my Positivity Club did is mentioned! So that's cool. It's right under the little advertisement for the new "Immortal Youth Anonymous" group. I guess teens with indefinite lifespans is a new, fast growing part of the student body or something. Huh. Now that I think about it, that's an odd development. If you were immortal, why would you bother going to school? I don't know. Maybe that lifestyle gets lonely.

Oh dang, I just realized the time! I'm going to be late.... Hey, if anyone from the Abstract Dissection classes is bored tonight, a bunch of us are meeting up in an hour to go collect some live specimen for the project. Feel free to tag along, the more of us that are there the less likely we are to succumb to delusion! It's BYOB (bring your own bait), just so you're warned. If you're interested, tell Runi so he can add you to the group dream chat -- he's kinda in charge of organizing right now, since he's the only Dream Bridger in the class.

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11/12/2017 8:33pm

So apparently, if you capture a spirit's energy and concentrate it in the physical form of a cup, and then forget you did that and try to drink tea from that cup later, the cup will be very against that action. Lesson of the day: don't forget what objects you animated, and cups don't enjoy being drank from.

My grandmother sent me some flowers for my birthday, to "keep me company". Well, I think it's a flower. It's still just a sprout at the moment. But hey, I really do love the idea. I think it's already brightening up my dorm room -- its aural presence is bright and cheerful. She always knows what'll bring a smile to my face.

I just hope Grandma didn't send me a tropical species. Winter's coming after all. You can always tell when snow's on the way because the pygmy Cherufe the kids Occultus kids keep as a pet starts hibernating. Just kinda curls up and pouts, doesn't even take a tiny bite of the Human Tofu (TM) he usually loves to munch on. Myuri hates to see him like that. She's always had a soft spot for elemental beings. Every year I remind her that even if his external shell cools to rock, internally he's hotter than ever, but it doesn't do much to get her to relax. I just hope she doesn't volunteer for Furnace Duty again this year. Last time, every Wednesday she begged me to help her roll the Cherufe down to the furnaces so he could warm up for a while. If she wasn't so good at Hypersuasion I never would've done it. Rolling him back up the stairwells afterwards made me feel like Sisyphus, only slightly more successful.

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Broken Clock
11/7/2017 8:56pm

Welp, every place on campus with even partial sound-dampeners or even the weakest sound block charm is PACKED. The incessant disembodied ticking noise resonating across campus has chased most students into the nooks and crannies of the school, trying to find even momentary relief. It's kinda ironic: in seeking silence, everyone crowds together in a noisy huddle. K.T. was making a fine profit selling 100% guaranteed soundless headphones, until word spread that "soundless" didn't mean noise cancellation, it meant they can't play any music. Rumor is he's either camped out in the guidance office claiming sanctuary. The more angry customers searching for him are a ticking time bomb of fury, spurred on by that maddening Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock... Tick.......

--Er, anyways, the lines for the Meditation Chambers -- you know, the ones in subterranean hall C -- are like a mile long, since they're so quiet and relaxing. Luckily I had scheduled using chamber 12B earlier this week so I could do that visionary project Mr. Øttenbœl assigned. I got to skip the line, but my time slot was shortened to accommodate the crowds. It kinda sucked, cause I can't See as well when I'm being rushed, but I understand. The poor attendants looked so frazzled already, I wasn't going to cause more issues for them by whining.

It was pretty great sitting in the calm. The sound waves didn't look so frenzied anymore. My Other Eyes were in focus and Seeing liketysplit. I actually had a pretty clear vision too, given the limited time frame. I was standing by a frozen pond, and I could see all these little black fish throwing themselves against the ice, trying to escape? I looked up, and the sky was red. When I looked down again, the fish were scattering, the ground rumbled, and a huge green sea monster surged from the depths, shatter both the ice and vision. My eyes snapped open and my Other Eyes squeezed shut and that was that.

So yeah, that was something. I'm filling out the Vision Analysis worksheet right now, picking out the symbols and interpretations and whatever. I don't know why I'm bothering though -- I'm pretty sure Mr. Øttenbœl is going to cancel tomorrow's class due to "clock related cranial disturbances". I guess I just find the class fun. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for a Sight-oriented class.

11/5/2017 6:56am

Be careful of the time hiccups everybody. The transition wasn't smooth everywhere. That's all I'll say.

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11/1/2017 2:22pm

Sometimes it's nice to just lay down, take a breather. You know? Everything is moving so fast. It's already November! That means my birthday is soon. If I was a dryad, I'd be getting another ring this week. That'd be cool.

I came back to school yesterday and caught the second half of the demon-world event @Big Jim was advertising. It really was unspeakable horror, they went all out this time. I can't even describe the visions -- and I didn't dare even Peek with my Other Eyes. A couple of kids passed out, but can you blame them? Oh, and there were free candy apples. That was my favorite part, second only to witnessing the raw power of the corrupted underworld.

Looking at the chilly weather today though, I wouldn't be surprised if a Yuki-onna demon or two managed to stick around our mortal plane. I'm wearing five layers right now to keep from shivering. Though that's partially due to the fact that administration shut off my dorm hall's heat. It's a punishment for the Door Wars... to get everyone to "chill out". I'd complain, but honestly it's worked like a charm. Everyone is too cold and sluggish to hate each other -- especially the cold blooded kids. Some people have even apologized in order to gain access to extra blankets or hot chocolate. Who knew unusual punishment could work out so well? Myuri offered to let me spend the nights in her room until the heat comes back on, but I think I'll stay here for now. The frost on the window looks so pretty in the morning, and the cold really improves life-force conductivity.

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10/27/2017 10:26pm

Oh my gosh, things have been awful in my dorm hall. It's mostly upperclassmen here, and we've all been at each other's throats all week. Arguments, relationship deterioration, insults, a few cases of mild vandalism as well. Even I've been belligerent lately, and I'm usually pretty chill. Every comment someone makes gets a snippy response from someone else, which provokes a sarcastic reply, which leads to a passive aggressive reaction, and that's how you end up with Door Wars.

What's Door Wars? Well, to be fair, I'm the only one who calls it that right now. It's just the stupid fight going on outside my room. Troy decided that he'd had enough of Nelaus, so he found some way to connect Troy's dorm room's door to a portal to the girl's bathroom in the busiest hallway of the school. Did I mention it was a one-way portal, so when Troy stumbled through it he had no way to leave except the girl's bathroom's exit, ensuring that everyone'd see him leaving the girl's room? Yeah, obviously he was mad by the time he got back. So he put a one-way portal behind Nelaus's door, this one going to some bog about an hour away from campus. Nelaus stepped straight into a lake of muck. Cold muck. Wearing converse shoes and cargo shorts. Of course, when he returned his friends insisted on avenging him... and Troy's friends avenged him by extending the trick to Nelaus's friends... and it just grew like some epidemic of hate. One kid was shoved through a portal that led to southern Alaska. Another ended up in the private side of the White House. It was really scary when Maggie's door took her to the very edge of the Sear's Tower. Luckily, she's a natural levitator so she could control the fall, but it was still super irresponsible. At this point, everyone is terrified to step into or out of their dorm. I've been going through the windows, myself. K.T. has been going door-to-door selling "insta-return" rocks. He claims that if you activate the rock's inscription and toss it toward where you stepped through a portal, it'll re-connect the space-time path and force a return portal to appear. But he's been selling all sorts of snake oil since freshmen year, so I'm not buying it. Windows work just fine for me, thanks.

I wish I knew why everyone's turned loco. Usually we're able to tolerate each other relatively well. Did someone put a curse on our floor? Did we disrespect a fairy queen? Is the Halloween atmosphere turning us all into monsters? There's been five physical fights between kids in my year during the past three days. If we keep this up, either someone's going to really let loose the anger and decimate a third of the school (again) or school administration is going to intervene. And trust me, nobody wants that kind of intervention.

Gosh, everything and everyone is just seems so IDIOTIC right now! I can't take this! I think I'll go visit my parents this weekend -- I need to get away. Maybe I'll even stay there for Halloween, it'd probably be safer for me. I think Mom wanted my help soon anyways, talking to my brother about his new girlfriend. Apparently she thinks the girl is a Hulder. Great. My dullard of a sibling sure knows how to pick his lady friends.

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