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Mastodon King
- 11/27/2019 7:16pm

Ouch I just got bit by the Coke machine outside the Irrational Students' Lounge.

- 11/29/2019 12:07pm

And I got infested by Mind Leaches from reading the magazines in the Irrational Student Lounge. All of them are outdated but it took me a week to get JoJo Siwa out of my head. I had to see the nurse and get the treatment.

Alphonse Peru
- 11/30/2019 7:48pm

And I, @Alphonse Peru, found myself in a veritable plastic eden, full of shiny synthetic fruits and wonders, none of which could provide me true sustenance or satisfaction, and I was forced to chose among them and trade a portion of my own life energy for the pleasure!

I say! Let’s meet immediately in the Irrational Student Lounge and get to the bottom of this!

- 12/4/2019 11:22pm

I guess I’ll start. Let the first meeting of the Irrational Students of Psyhigh come to order! Can I offer anyone a beverage? Water? Kombucha from Yuggoth? Cold brew ayahuasca? No? Ok.

Before coming to Psyhigh, I could take a bus downtown, buy a Monster or a Fang from the 7-11, and go to the mall and hang around outside Forever 21 and spit. 

Now, I have to catch a ride on an itinerant giant millipede when it shuffles by, haggle with some gnome over a flagon of refreshment, and when I finally get to the Mighty Ice Caves of Reberak some oversized dog-faced man with a badge chases me off with a battle axe!

I just want my life back.

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