Intro to 11D Printing

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Doyle Cortez
- 3/12/2019 8:17pm

I’m surprised at how simple 11D printing is. I thought it would be a lot of super hard math and hours of meditation, but it turns out there’s a bunch of tutorials to walk you through your first project.

The trick is the conceptualization. It’s not like you can just pick something in a catalog. In fact, you can’t even know what it’s going to be. If you try and make it into a “thing” you’re actually thinking of then it won’t work.

So, I placed the thing in my mind without seeing it and hit the button.

And now it's there! I can only barely see it out of the corner of my eye if I turn real fast. It's like a feather laying on some scales. Not like the Egyptian Judgement kinda scales, but snake scales. It's like a closeup of a @Quetzalcoatl.

- 3/13/2019 5:52am

i feel... not myself. my soul feels... more than complete, like it doubled? I hear 11D printing is now accessible, but it's dangerous technology. My scales are out of place, my crops are dry, and i cannot shake the sinking feeling that I'm in two places at once. I need to find the new printer and join with my newly created astral self.

Doyle Cortez
- 3/15/2019 6:12pm

A thing about 11D printing is that the thing you printed is always right there. No matter where you go, there it is.

By which I mean, because of its eleven dimensionality, it doesn't appear to change position no matter where you move. And at the same time it's always the same distance away from you. So no matter if I'm in the cafeteria or the gardens of lower campus, there's a @Quetzalcoatl patch just right past the corner of my eye.

It's like the thing you think you printed was already there, and you didn't make it, you just filled it in. Maybe we don't print them, but they imprint on us?

I'm keeping my eye on it. Almost.

Doyle Cortez
- 3/19/2019 6:58pm

It was time for another project in 11D printing.

This one appears to be an eye. A giant serpent eye.

Like the feather and scale, it’s always the same distance from me no matter where I go. And it’s always the same distance from the feather and scale.

I’m using dynamical cascade information decomposition to capture the underlying data clusters, and, using scale-space wave information propagation, accompanied by the inherent uncertainty relation in the information expression, I am going to measure the length of this @Quetzalcoatl.

Just so long as it stays still...

Doyle Cortez
- 3/28/2019 8:34am

I’ve really got command of the interface now, and even developed some macros that let me mass-produce! It’s like an 11D production line I’ve got going.

Though I’m careful to keep my “intent” for each piece just off the conscious radar, there’s a remarkable similarity to all the pieces that are being created. A claw here, a scale there, a whole feather there... they’re all separate, and quite distant from each other, but all part of a whole.

It’s like the @Quetzalcoatl is all around us—the surface of the 11D topography itself. If I end up filling the whole thing in, will there be room for anything else? It’ll make a pretty sweet final project.

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