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Unreality Seminar
7/26/2015 9:50am

I have come to psyhigh to get a break from the overly cliche books that can be found on wattpad. If I see one more book that is about a good girl/nerd falling for a 'bad guy'/jock/loner. I mean its ridiculous. I use to enjoy cliche books like that, but them they just keep getting worst and worst. It's going out of control. There's way too many books about this. And I'm just so fed up. I literally can't even find a book in teen fiction/romance that doesn't even have the word boy, player, girl, or bad in it. And let me tell you that all the main characters are so predictable. They're either a girl who is bullied for no freaking reason (and I mean no reason at all like their not ugly, they don't have a bad attitude, and she's not trying to steal anyone's boyfriend) or a girl who thinks she isn't beautiful and just average and the guy who is way up the social ladder then her keeps trying to tell her that she is. I mean self-concious much. It's just so unbelievable. Like jocks and the popular people are always misunderstood or jerks. Like no not all popular people are jerks. Some of the nicest people I've net were jocks but according to wattpad their all rich snobs who think their better than everyone else. I also hate how theu make nerds seem like their so badly bullied. Like some nerds are bullies too. They say mean stuff too, but not in wattpad. They're all innocent, useless, nice people who no one will give the chance to get to kno. Well whatever. I can't change wattpad and I'm only ranting because I can't find a good book anywhere.