Smiley Trashbag

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3/29/2016 11:40am

I figured I should probably give a little bit of an update on my 'independent studies' for the health and safety of all men, and archaic gendervoid entities.
The progress on my research of the chronosphere has been... delayed, slightly. It turns out, apparently some things are not mean't to be observed. Remember those old thought experiments like the one about the cat that they used to teach us?
Point is, there are some unexpected side effects.
You may experience some mild temporal turbulence, complete timeline dissociation, and possibly death.

But hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained.... right????

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3/29/2016 11:31am

Let me just kick down this giant metaphorical phantasmal door and introduce myself, aight? Let's get this party started.
This is me, as in, this person that is currently communicating with you. Although I find the internet to be rather outdated given that telekinetic communication is much easier anyway.
You can just call me Smiley Trashbag. Or Smiley for short I guess. If you call me Trashbag for short, you probably wont last long around here.

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