Shane Moennig

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8/8/2016 9:07pm

Hi I'm Shane, one of our many campus ghosts! No matter what anyone tells you I'm totally friendly... except for... some occasional killings but we all have our moments :) So, I'm 103 next October, but I was killed at age 17 when I had just started senior year. I was killed by my brother Felix, who at 29 had escaped a local asylum, which he was placed in the care of for APD and psychopathy, and killed my family and I in a murderous, delusional rage. My girlfriend Claire-Luna Marie, was also shot. However, she was shot off-campus, so I never saw her again :(

A bit about me!: I'm agender. That means that I'm gender neutral and I don't identify as male or female. I used to be a girl, but since my death I've come out, so I prefer they/them pronouns, instead of she/her. Thanks! I'm also Gynesexual, which means I'm attracted to women.
My favorite music is metal, rock and alternative. My favorite clothes are band shirts and black jeans. And some people call me moody, but I'm dead give me a break!
I'm known to be a bit of a campus flirt, so I'm very friendly with everyone :P

I hope to meet new people so please message me!

Shane <3

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