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9/23/2016 6:33pm

September 23, 2016

I suppose that this will be my documentation of my stay here, so I shall strive to be as accurate as possible, in order to be of use to future students.
My first bout of clairvoyance happened three years ago, on my eleventh birthday. I was seated in the window seat, watching the woods near my house, when a large shape flashed in front of my window. Startled, but curious and stupid, I opened up the window, and immediately the ice cold air hit me, even though it was the middle of May. I looked around, and saw nothing, but I must've leaned out too far, or someone pushed me, because the next thing I knew, I was falling. Just before I hit the weather vane, I felt an intense cold, even more so than before, and I lost my sight. A few hours later, I woke, blind and cold, with a voice in my head. The odd thing was that Kass, the voice, was quite sassy, but seemed to enhance my other senses, which more than compensate for my sight, as I can sense people's thoughts, paths, and if I touch something with a soul fragment, a diary, a ring, a piece of hair, I get visions from whomever's soul inhabits it. It is quite amazing, and I hope that during my freshman year here I shall hone these abilities, but we shall see.

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